Previous Years Question Papers of MPSI 2014

Previous years question papers of MPSI 2014

मध्य प्रदेश पुलिस सब इंस्पेक्टर परीक्षा व्यापम 2014

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Direction: Question number (1 to 6):

Unseen Passage

All the NRIs holding their green cards and passports, looked complacent and civilized. That’s just how it was, wasn’t it? Fortune piled on more good fortune. They had more money and because they had more money, that would get more money. It was easy for them to stand in line and they stood patiently, displaying how they didn’t have to fight anymore; their manners proved just how well taken care of they were. And they couldn’t wait for the shopping, “Shopping ke liye jaenge, bhel puri khayenge…… dollars me kamaaenge pam pam pam.” “Only eight rupees to the tailor, only 22 cents!” They would say, triumphantly translating everything into American currency; and while the shopping was converted into dollars, tips to the servants could be calculated in local currency: “Fifteen hundred rupees, is he made? Give him one hundred, even that’s too much.

1. The word ‘complacent’ means :

(A) compulsory

(B) complicated

(C) self satisfied

(D) self confident

2. The word ‘triumphant’ means :

(A) Victorious

(B) vibrant

(C) vaste

(D) extravagant

3. NRIs holding their green cards and passports are standing in line at the :

(A) railway station

(B) airport

(C) shopping complex

(D) hotel

4. NRIs would get more money because

(A) they are well educated

(B) they are well taken care of

(C) they are sincere

(D) they had more money

5. Green card holder have arrived from :

(A) America

(B) England

(C) France

(D) Russia

6. NRIs will not convert rupees into dollars while :

(A) paying the tailors

(B) paying tips to the servants

(C) paying in a hotel

(D) purchasing grocery

7. It………..everyday since I arrived here.

(A) will it rain

(B) rains

(C) rained

(D) has rained

Previous Years Question Papers of MPSI 2014

8. By next month, we……… the result of the examination.

(A) have received

(B) would have received

(C) will have received

(D) received

9. Look! That man………to open the door of your car.

(A) tries

(B) tried

(C) is trying

(D) has been trying

10. ………….. Bhopal before?

(A) You ever visited

(B) have you ever visited

(C) will you ever have visited

(D) have you ever gone

11. What……….. for a living?

(A) are you doing

(B) do you do

(C) do you

(D) were you doing

12. The Olympic games……….place every four years.

(A) take

(B) took

(C) have taken

(D) are taking

13. He………. English since he was fourteen.

(A) studies

(B) will study

(C) is studying

(D) has been studying

14. He…………his car four weeks ago.

(A) sold

(B) has sold

(C) was selling

(D) has been selling

15. Your father……….. stop smoking.

(A) can

(B) should

(C) would

(D) might

16. I………… speak to him yesterday. I didn’t have time.

(A) can’t

(B) shouldn’t

(C) wouldn’t

(D) couldn’t

Previous Years Question Papers of MPSI 2014

17. He is an expert in languages but he knows about Mathematics.

(A) little

(B) few

(C) a lot of

(D) several

Previous Years Question Papers of MPSI 2014

18. ……….people enjoy the performance of the theatre company but I don’t think it is a successful one.

(A) much

(B) several

(C) every

(D) no

19. I am………. English teacher.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) no article needed

20. ……….. school that Gopal goes to is old.

(A) A

(B) An

(C) The

(D) no article needed

21. To have a clear image stars………. with a telescope.

(A) should be observed

(B) could have been observed

(C) must be observe

(D) had better observe

22. He asked us……… our passports.

(A) for

(B) that

(C) if

(D) to

23. I told him…………do it.

(A) to not

(B) to don’t

(C) don’t

(D) not to

24. She wants to stay……… home tonight.

(A) in

(B) at

(C) to

(D) of

Previous Years Question Papers of MPSI 2014

25. They should be ready to go………. 15 minutes.

(A) in

(B) on

(C) by

(D) to

26. I will arrive sometime…….. 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

(A) in

(B) next to

(C) on

(D) between

27. that’s the woman………. husband works with my brother.

(A) who

(B) which

(C) whose

(D) that

28. I had to live in Mumbai and Hyderabad for many years because of my business but I don’t like………city much.

(A) all

(B) whole

(C) either

(D) neither

29. Both players in the tennis match have been warned by the referee but……..of them seems to take it seriously.

(A) none

(B) every

(C) either

(D) neither

30. All bills must…………. promptly.

(A) settled

(B) be settled

(C) had been settled

(D) would have been settled

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