Previous Years Old Paper Set-Previous Years Questions For English-7

51. I have been thinking about you and looking…………you all day.

(A) for

(B) by

(C) on

(D) over

52. The frog jumped………the well.

(A) in

(B) into

(C) across

(D) along

Previous Years Questions For English-7

53. I like him. He is hard working.

(A) so

(B) because

(C) since

(D) unless

54. Knowledge acts as a guiding light which dispels ignorance and leads to enlightenment and liberation.

(A) eliminate

(B) include

(C) attract

(D) invite

55. Francis Bacon said,” Knowledge is Power.” Knowledge comprises the entire gamut of facts, information and skills acquired by individuals and mankind as a whole.

(A) awareness

(B) knowledge

(C) Store

(D) range

56. The streets were flooded. We didn’t go further.

(A) and

(B) so

(C) yet

(D) though

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57. He comes to see us on……..Sunday.

(A) all

(B) some

(C) the few

(D) every

58. His theory was not……..on facts.

(A) builds

(B) building

(C) build

(D) built

59. The wire has to be……..tightly.

(A) bent

(B) bend

(C) bending

(D) bends

60. Find the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.


(A) help

(B) molest

(C) assist

(D) comfort

61. Find the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.


(A) biased

(B) unjust

(C) prejudiced

(D) just

62. Find the word which is most similar in meaning to the given word.


(A) miser

(B) generous

(C) stingy

(D) malevolent

Previous Years Questions For English-7

63. She is……..pious………she cannot miss her morning prayers.

(A) such, so

(B) so, that

(C) such, as

(D) as, as

64. ……….did the principal come into the hall………the students stood up.

(A) hardly, then

(B) no sooner, than

(C) no sooner, then

(D) not only, but also

65. My uncle,……….was born overseas, has always been a great traveller.

(A) whom

(B) which

(C) that

(D) who

66. I can’t make out what you are saying. Can you speak loudly?

(A) write

(B) confirm

(C) listen

(D) understand

67. I really cannot put up with this kind of attitude.

(A) tolerate

(B) understand

(C) explain

(D) recommend

68. Find the word which is most opposite in meaning to the given word.


(A) relaxed

(B) easy

(C) uncomfortable

(D) noisy

69. I will give him your message…….I see him.

(A) whenever

(B) whatever

(C) where

(D) whoever

70. He keeps on asking for money……….belongs to a rich family.

(A) though

(B) but

(C) still

(D) until

Previous Years Questions For English-7

71. He……..over fifty, he was born in 1960.

(A) can

(B) shall be

(C) ought to

(D) must be

72. I…… pass with a good grade.

(A) expecting

(B) has expected

(C) have expect

(D) expect

73. The bell……….before I reached the school.

(A) have rung

(B) had rung

(C) rang

(D) rung

74. You must learn how to………..customers.

(A) deal with

(B) deal by

(C) deal through

(D) deal under

75. My sister is always……….her success.

(A) confident with

(B) confident about

(C) confident by

(D) confident from

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