PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION BOARD Jail Department – Prahari (Karyapalik) Recruitment Test 2018 3rd Oct 2018 2:00PM

Topic: – General English

01. Choose the correct form of modal auxiliary verb for the given sentence:

It was crazy of you to drive like that. You ______ have killed somebody.

A) can

B) need

C) could

D) shall

02. Choose the option that correctly sequences the following sentences.

1. The baby tortoise once again limps his way up the tree and prepares to attempt another flight.

2. A baby tortoise climbs to the top branch of a tree and walks to the end of the branch.

3. As he tries to ‘fly’, he spreads his legs, waves them as hard as he can, but hits the ground very hard.

4. He spreads all his four flippers like a bird and jumps off the branch.

5. One of the two birds, who were watching his futile attempts to fly, turns to the other and says: “It’s about time we told our baby tortoise that we adopted him.”

A) 24315

B) 54312

C) 35241

D) 12435

03. Choose the correct form of the verb from the given opons in the given sentence:

Please do not disturb me while I _______my homework.

A) done

B) am doing

C) am did

D) doing

04. Choose the opon that best explains the highlighted expression:

He is popular among all the villagers. He is the salt of the earth.

A) an angry person

B) an emoonal person

C) a sensitive person

D) a good and honest person

05. Choose the opon that best transforms the given sentences into one:

He stayed at home. He was ill.

A) He stayed at home so being he was ill.

B) He stayed at home because he was ill.

C) On account of his illness so he stayed at home.

D) Staying at home he was ill therefore.

06. Choose the most suitable determiner for the given sentence:

______ people have come to watch the final cricket match between India and Pakistan.

A) Several

B) A little

C) Much

D) Little

07. Choose the most suitable conjuncon for the given sentence:

We could go to the library ________ we could go to the park.

A) yet

B) or

C) but

D) so

08. Choose the appropriate preposi}onal phrase for the given sentence:

_______huge losses in their family business, they had to sell their big house.

A) Owing to

B) Owing for

C) Owing by

D) Owing on

09. Choose appropriate arcles for the given sentence:

____ city of Delhi has been locked down for ___ past three nights due to ___ alleged terror attack.

A) The, the, an

B) The, the, a

C) A, an, the

D) A, the, the

10. Spot the error in the given sentence:

The dog was running in circles trying to catch it tail.

A) The dog

B) to catch it tail.

C) in circles trying

D) was running


11. Choose the correct form of tense for the given sentence:

He _____ to a well-to-do family and has an expensive motor bike.

A) belongs

B) is belonging

C) was belonging

D) has been belonging

12. Choose the correct form of tense for the given sentence:

He ______ his PAN card right inside the drawer, where he ______ it.

A) is finding, is kept

B) found, had kept

C) will found, will keep

D) finding, keeping

13. Choose the correct form of verb that is in agreement with the subject:

Anne’s diary _____ on her thirteenth birthday, June 12, 1942, and ____ shortly after her fifteenth.

A) begin, end

B) begins, ends

C) is beginning, is ending

D) began, was ending

14. Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the highlighted word given below:

That school is known to excel at sport.

A) exceed

B) beat

C) fail

D) shine

15. Choose the appropriate prepositions for the given sentence:

Our lives have been completely changed ____ the invention ____ the telephone.

A) for, with

B) with, of

C) to, without

D) from, of

16. Choose the option with the appropriate punctuaon inserted in the given sentence.

Milton one of the greatest English poets was blind

A) Milton one of the greatest English, poets, was blind.

B) Milton one of the greatest, English poets was blind.

C) Milton, one of the greatest English poets, was blind;

D) Milton, one of the greatest English poets, was blind.

17. Choose appropriate articles for the given sentence:

____ new carpet was laid out in ____ drawing room today.

A) The, an

B) A, the

C) An, a

D) An, the

18) 18. Complete the sentence choosing the correct prefix:

Students have a tendency to ____behave during exams.

A) mis-

B) un-

C) non-

D) dis-

19) 19. Choose the option that best transforms the sentence into its passive voice:

Who broke the glass pane?

A) The glass pane broken by whom?

B) The glass pane is being broken by whom?

C) By whom was the glass pane broken?

D) By whom was the glass pane being broken?

20) 20. Choose the option that best transforms the sentence into its active voice:

The instructions should be followed by all students.

A) All students were following the instructions.

B) All students followed the instructions.

C) All students should follow the instructions.

D) The instructions should follow all students.


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