PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION BOARD Jail Department – Prahari (Karyapalik) Recruitment Test 2018 1st Oct 2018 9:00AM

Topic:- General English

01. Choose the option that correctly sequences the following sentences: 1.

1. The sap is used in the making of maple syrup.

2. Sugar maple is a hard maple tree.

3. It grows as tall as a 100 feet and as wide as 4 feet.

4. The tree is commercially valued for its sap.

A) 4132

B) 2341

C) 3412

D) 4312

02. Choose the correct form of modal auxiliary verb for the given sentence:

Maria is not answering her phone though I have called her thrice. She ______ be asleep.

A) ought

B) should

C) might

D) need to

03. Choose the correctly punctuated sentence:

A) The speaker was saying I am happy to – when the bomb exploded.

B) The speaker was saying, “ I am happy to? When the bomb exploded!

C) The speaker was saying, “I am happy to -” when the bomb exploded?

D) The speaker was saying, “I am happy to –” when the bomb exploded.

04. Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the highlighted word given below:

In his weakened state, his illness is likely to recur.

A) occur

B) reappear

C) continue

D) halt

05. Choose the appropriate conjunction for the given sentence:

Thomas needs to work hard _____ he wants to pass the examination

A) then

B) also

C) so

D) if

06. Choose the appropriate prepositions for the given sentence:

The author graduated _____ high school and enrolled himself ____ a prestigious college to study politics.

A) in, of

B) out from, for

C) from, at

D) into, to

07. Choose the option that best explains the highlighted expression:

I can never play pranks on people because I can’t keep a straight face.

A) can’t say the punch line well

B) remember the joke well

C) pretend to look serious

D) act well

08. Choose the option that best transforms the given sentence into active voice:

Carrot seeds were being planted by the gardener.

A) The gardener was planting carrot seeds.

B) The gardener was being planting carrot seeds.

C) The gardener has planting carrot seeds.

D) The gardener has been planting carrot seeds.


09. Choose the most suitable determiner for the given sentence:

The boy said that there was only ____ piece still missing from his jigsaw puzzle.

A) little

B) few

C) one

D) single

10. Spot the error in the given sentence and choose the option that rectifies it.

I will return back to town soon.

A) I will return back town soon.

B) I will returns to town soon.

C) I will return to town soon.

D) I return back to town soon.

11) 11. Choose the appropriate option that changes the given sentence into passive voice.

People speak English all over the world.

A) All over the world English was being spoken.

B) All over the world, people was spoken by English.

C) English is spoken all over the world.

D) English was spoken all over the world by the people.

12. Choose the appropriate form of the tense for the given sentence.

The lights _____ out while I ____ the pipe.

A) went, was fixing

B) went, fix

C) was going, was fixing

D) was going, fixed

13. Choose the appropriate form of the tense for the given sentence.

He ____ jogging in the park every morning.

A) went

B) be going

C) go

D) goes

14. Choose the appropriate prepositional phrase to complete the given sentence.

He succeeded ______ his perseverance and hard work.

A) in virtues of

B) with virtue of

C) on virtue off

D) by virtue of

15) 15. Choose the option with the appropriate prefix to complete the given sentence.

My younger sister is very ___sociable; she does not enjoy mixing with people unknown to her.

A) un-

B) non-

C) in-

D) dis-

16) 16. Choose the option that best transforms the given sentences into one using an adverb:

The examination was over. The children were happy.

A) The examination being over had the children be happy.

B) As the children were happy because the examination was over.

C) As the examination was over the children were happy.

D) Happy were the children and the examination was over.

17. Choose the correct form of verb that is in agreement with the subject:

A good hotel ____ one that ______ the best services to its guests.

A) was, provide

B) has, is providing

C) is, provides

D) are, provide

18. Choose the correct form of the verb from the following options in the given sentence:

My car broke down, so I ________continue my journey.

A) would not be

B) could not

C) couldn’t have

D) cannot have

19) 19. Choose appropriate articles for the given sentence:

I wanted to buy ____pair of sneakers at ____supermarket but was confused when I saw ____varied patterns, colours and brands.

A) a, an, the

B) the, a, a

C) the, the, a

D) a, the, the

20) 20. Choose appropriate articles for the given sentence:

My friend found ___one-rupee note on the road. He decided to give it to ___beggar.

A) a, an

B) the, an

C) an, an

D) a, a


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