Pronoun Competitive English Test-33

Directions: Choose the correct alternative and fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

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1. Either Kamla or Girija forgot to take…….purse.

Her, hers, their, them

Answer- her

2……..,…….. and……….have to visit the exhibition.

You,he,I / he,you,I / I,he,you/ he,I,you

Answer- You,he,I

3. It was ……whom you meet last time.

My, Me, I, mine


4. All…. glitters is not gold.

The, that, same, these

Answer- that

5. The jury agreed in…. opinion.

Their, its, his, her

Answer- its

6. Ruchi is the girl… book is with me.

Who, whose, whom, which

Answer- whose

7. How long have you and sheelu known…?

One another /each other /everyone /none of these

Answer- each other

8. We have two telephone operators,… of them do you want?

Who /whom /which /what

Answer- which

9. The more you read this book the more you will like….

That / that book / it / this book

Answer- it

10. Between you and… he is a roge.

I / mine / me / either

Answer- me

11….. of the three candidates are fit for the post.

Neither / no / none / either

Answer- none

12. Gandhiji taught us that one should respect the religions of other as much as… ….own.

His / their / her / one’s

Answer- one’s

Pronoun Competitive English Test-33

13……wins this civil war, there will be little rejoicing at the victory.

Whichever / whoever / whatever / wherever

Answer- whoever

14. This book is mine and that is…..

Of you / your / your’s / yours

Answer- yours

15. He is the friend ……I trust most.

Him / whom / which / who

Answer- whom

16. As the bare mountains turned green, the people found….. looking forward to spring.

They / them / their / themselves

Answer- themselves

17……can be no excuses this time, students

They’re / they / there / their

Answer- there

18. Our teacher encouraged…. setting the poem to music.

He / he’s / his / him

Answer- his

19. Was it….. who got injured in an accident this morning.

Him / he / his / none of these

Answer- he

20. Due to …..being a newcomer, I was unable to get a house suitable for my wife and me.

Me / mine / my / our

Answer- my

21. The number of vehicles plying on this road is more…. on the main road.

Than that / that / then / those

Answer- than that

22. Last summer he went to his uncle’s village and…. enjoyed very much.

Himself / herself / themselves / yourself

Answer- himself

23. …………..being a very hot day I remained indoors.

it  / that / this / which

Answer- it

24. Concurrent with this programme, educational institutions may be urged to inculcate patriotism in each and every one of …… pupils.

It  / these / their / it’s

Answer- their

25. One of them forget to take… bag from the school.

That / his / their / they

Answer- his

26……should not waste….. money.

One , one / one’s, one / one, ones / one, one’s

Answer- one, one’s

27. Every day and every night brings…. own duty.

Its / his / her / their

Answer- their

28. He sings better than……

Me / I / mine / myself

Answer- I

29. He and I have learnt ….lesson by heart.

My / his / our / their

Answer- our

30……..,…..and …..have confessed our fault.

I, you, he / I, he, you / you, I, he / you, he, I

Answer- I, he, you

31. Are you sure it was not…?

He / him / his / himself

Answer- he

Pronoun Competitive English Test-33

32. All were happy to see…

His / he / him / himself

Answer- him

33. I don’t want this book. Give me……

This / these / that / those

Answer- that

34. ….Do you think……. is?

Who, him / who, he / whom, he / which, he

Answer- who, he

35…….of these boys is your friend?

Which / whose / who / whom

Answer- Which

36. ……did they fight with each other for?

Which / whom / what / who

Answer- what

37……..did you meet yesterday?

What / whom / which / who

Answer- whom

38. My views are quite different from…….

You / yourself / yours / no word

Answer- yours

39. This is the cow ….milk is sweet.

Whose / that / whom / which

Answer- whose

40. There was none…. did not enjoy the show.

Whom / this / those / that

Answer- that

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