Pronoun Competitive English Test-34

Directions: Choose the correct alternative and fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

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1. You and I have done my best in the examination.

Answer- done our best

2. His efforts will bring him more success than your.

Answer- than yours

3. Every teacher and every student of this college is determined to do their best for the glorious prospectus of the college.

Answer- to do his best

4. The Vice-President of India and the Vice-Chancellor of this university have given his concept to join the meeting.

Answer- given his concept

5. She hates everybody and everything who reminds her of her mistakes.

Answer- everything that reminds

6. He prostrated before his master who had returned from London after a year.

Answer- prostrated himself before

7. The dog I have bought looks more ferocious than you have.

Answer- than the one you have

8. He was much more surprised than me to see the dancing girl coming towards us.

Answer- than I to

9. The five brothers are at daggers-drawn, so they feel it below their dignity to talk to each other.

Answer- talk to one another

Pronoun Competitive English Test-34

10. One should be true to his word in all circumstances.

Answer- to one’s word

11. If someone has finished the work, he may go home.

Answer- No Error

12. The criminal which was chained grumbled at the Police Inspector who was taking him to jail.

Answer- criminal who was

13. Everybody who was working in that office gave a day’s pay as their contributions to the dependents of Dr. Sonu who had died on duty.

Answer- pay as his contributions

14. The officer as well as the assistants absented themselves from the office.

Answer- absented himself from

15. The guests whom we were talking about have come are my brothers-in-law.

Answer- guests that we

16. There is none who can help you in this crucial moment of your career.

Answer- none that can

17. This is the same dog which barked at him but fortunately did not bite him.

Answer- dog that barked

18. Whomever comes late will not be allowed to mark his presence in the register.

Answer- Whoever comes

19. The only book which you carry in your bag is in demand now-a-days.

Answer- only book that you

20. She is such a brilliant student that I expected.

Answer- student as I

21. Such a self-sacrificing man as has come wins our sympathy and admiration.

Answer- No Error

22. Any of the two pictures which depict the real picture of the present politicians is worthseeing.

Answer- Either of the two pictures

23. Every of the five children standing in the corner of the room is dexterous in paintings.

Answer- Everyone of the five

24. He asked for permission to go out but his father did not give.

Answer- did not give it

25. They who are in this room should not move from the place where they are standing, said the leader of the criminals.

Answer- Those who are

26. They also help the poor who really sympathise with them in the moments of distress.

Answer- No Error

27. He sent all the furniture to Agra that he had bought in Chennai.

Answer- Agra all the furniture that

28. You say it’s your problems but I say it’s my also.

Answer- it’s mine also

29. The hotels of Agra are more luxurious than Noida.

Answer- than those of Noida

30. The articles published in this magazine are better than that magazine.

Answer- than those published in that

31. He is one of those who would much rather sacrifice his life than turn disloyal to the country.

Answer- sacrifice their lives

32. The Principal ordered the peon to let the boys and I go in.

Answer- boys and me go in

33. He claims to have read Shakespeare’s all great tragedies who is the greatest playwright of English.

Answer- all the great tragedies of Shakespeare who

34. She was more garrulous than either of her three sisters.

Answer- than any of her

35. The candidate being a graduate he is eligible for the post of Probationary Officer.

Answer- graduate is eligible

36. Your are the same problems as mine.

Answer- Yours are the

37. You have never spoken a word against your master, that is a proof of your loyalty.

Answer- master, which is a

38. He lent me some money on the condition that I should return the same before November.

Answer- return it before

39. There were eight industrious workers and five lazy one in this factory.

Answer- lazy ones in this

40. Even after hearing him for a fairly long time we failed to understand that he was harping on.

Answer- understand what he was

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