Pronoun Competitive English Test-35

Directions: Choose the correct alternative and fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

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1. Almost all school teachers insist that a student’s mother is responsible for the student’s conduct as well as his dress.

Answer- No Error

2. In the forthcoming elections every man and woman must vote for the candidates of their choice.

Answer- candidates of his choice

3. The Mumbai police have found the body of a man who they believe to be the prime suspect in a murder case.

Answer- a man whom they

4. He told his friends that each of them should be able to carry out the orders oneself.

Answer- orders himself

5. My uncle forced my friend and I to stay back.

Answer- friend and me to

6. These companies have been asked to furnish their financial details and information about its board members.

Answer- about their board

7. My sister and myself are pleased to accept your invitation to dinner.

Answer- My sister and I are

8. The number of people which asked for the discount was low but grew during the summer period.

Answer- people who asked

9. There cannot be any situation where somebody makes money in an asset either to India or to the country of his origin.

Answer- country of its origin

10. I and Tina will go to the market in the evening.

Answer- Tina and I will

11. A good friend of me has been in London for twenty years.

Answer- friend of mine has

12. Every one section of the society is feeling the pinch of rising prices and corruption.

Answer- Each section of the

13. You should avail of every opportunity to practice your skill.

Answer- avail yourself of

14. The Consumer Forum directed the power corporation to compensate a complainant for the inconvenience and mental agony who he had to suffer because of the power officials’ irresponsible attitude.

Answer- agony which he had

15. You and myself will enjoy the party to be arranged in honour of the new Chief Manager.

Answer- You and I will

16. It was me who telephoned the fire service.

Answer- It was I who

17. Though she appears to be very tall she is just an inch taller than me.

Answer- taller than I

18. This is the woman that always wears a black shawl to work.

Answer- woman who

19. Most of the people which have been victims of extreme violence are too frightened to report it the police.

Answer- people who have

20. It was me who was responsible for making all the arrangements for the successful completion of his studies.

Answer- It was I who

21. Over conception of what should a science of mental life be has changed considerably since James’ time.

Answer- of what a science of mental life Should be has

22. Government departments should share information with one another so that they records are up-to-date.

Answer- so that their records

23. Companies should hold such conferences more often so that it can discuss their problems and come up with solutions.

Answer- so that they can

24. Today many companies are working to design computers who will not harm the environment.

Answer- computers which will not

25. The principal spotted Indira which was sitting in the canteen at the time when she should be attending the classes.

Answer- Indira who was

26. India needs a value education system who will inculcate values among the students and enrich their personalities.

Answer- system which inculcate

27. A man who has been accused of fraud in an earlier job he will never be welcomed in any other organization.

Answer- earlier job will never

28. He is a university professor but of his three sons neither has any merit.

Answer- sons none has

29. SEBI has recently issued showcase notices to some insurance companies seeking its explanation for not complying with certain norms.

Answer- seeking their explanation

30. A current account is a deposit account which is offered by banks mainly to firms and companies who need banking facilities very frequently.

Answer- companies which need

31. No one except he knew which questions were going to be asked in this test.

Answer- except him knew

32. They were very disciplined and quiet when the new teacher entered the classroom.

Answer- No Error

33. All those whom were at the concert could not stop praising her performance.

Answer- All those who were

34. With this initiative the corporation hopes to assure the public that it is confident of providing good service and renewing their faith with the public transport system.

Answer- renewing its faith

35. When he asked why the machines were idle we told him it was broken.

Answer- tols him they were broken

36. A person whose wishes to avail of his facility should not have been a loan defaulter in the past.

Answer- person who wishes

37. Senior citizens prefer banks which branches are located near their homes.

Answer- banks whose branches

38. Although it has received clearance from the RBI bank it has decided not to open their office in Hongkong.

Answer- open its office

39. Neither of the two children said their prayer before going to bed.

Answer- said his / her prayer

40. Even those which have no previous work experience have applied for this job.

Answer- those who have no

41. Corruption costs the economy about 3% of the GDP every year what is almost equal to the amount spent on education.

Answer- year which is

42. We must take regular exercises to keep ourself fit.

Answer- keep ourselves fit

43. Meetings were held with unions to tackle indiscipline and with customers to understand its needs.

Answer- understand their needs

44. These firms which are the main suppliers of electronic components in India.

Answer- firms are the main

45. India’s GDP is most likely to grow at 6% higher than those of the US.

Answer- than that of the US

46. Customers should avail of the consulting services offered by an insurance company before buying a policy.

Answer- avail themselves of the

47. Because of the pace at which the company is growing I believe it will easily achieve their target.

Answer- achieve its target

48. As compared with last year, the production of this factory is not satisfactory.

Answer- with that of last year

49. Each of them along with their families and their pets is going to Goa for the summer vacation.

Answer- with his families and his pets

50. The candidate has appealed for donation from younger voters who will be used to defray campaign expenses.

Answer- voters which/that will be

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