Pronoun Competitive English Test-36

Directions: Choose the correct alternative and fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

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51. On account of its new investment rules more companies are planning to open its business in China.

Answer- open their business

52. Unfortunately today many parents cannot afford to send its children to school.

Answer- send their children

53. The clarke whom  spoke rudely to the customer yesterday has been suspended.

Answer- The clarke who spoke

54. To improve its efficiency all income tax officers will be provided with laptops by next year.

Answer- improve their efficiency

55. Ram will be suspended because he opened an account without obtaining none of the necessary documents.

Answer- obtaining any of the

56. In spite of the many challenges faced by themselves the company has made a profit this year.

Answer- faced by them the company

57. This is one of the few companies who have done well for the past two years.

Answer- companies which/that have

58. There is no book in Tamil language which is as interesting as this.

Answer- is no other book in

59. He is the man who I know has helped my son in the final examination.

Answer- No error

60. He looks at everything from their best side.

Answer- from his best side

61. Which determines a good meal varies from country to country.

Answer- What determines

62. On December 2, 1927 the Model Ford, who cost $385 was introduced.

Answer- Ford, which cost

63. There is no definite rule regarding the length of the precis with relation to that of the original passage.

Answer- No Error

64. We do not know whom we should blame for all the lapses observed in the procedure.

Answer- No Error

65. It is I who have done this and you may hold me responsible for this.

Answer- No Error

66. Last summer he went to his uncle’s village and he enjoyed very much.

Answer- enjoyed himself very much

67. Both the girls helped one another when both of them were in difficulty.

Answer- helped each other when

68. Indian began his nuclear energy programme during the late fifties.

Answer- began its nuclear

69. Her mother promised to give her anything what she wants if she passes in the examination.

Answer- give her something what

70. What does matter most is the positive attitude and not the actions.

Answer- What matters most

71. The mother asked her son if he had studied when she went for shopping yesterday.

Answer- No Error

72. Whenever is the matter I shall do this work, because I have to expose my working capacity at any cost.

Answer- Whatever is the matter

73. We think education, health experience and those sorts of things are generally the main benefits for modern tour and travel.

Answer- No error

74. After toiling very hard over a long period project, my friend found he had hardly made no profit at all.

Answer- made any profit at all

75. My mother does not like me sleeping most of the time in a 24 hour.

Answer- not like my sleeping

76. Neither he nor his brother was informed about the venue of the meeting of our society.

Answer- No Error

77. Things will not improve unless you yourself look into it.

Answer- look into them

78. Being a cold morning, I decided not to go for my morning walk.

Answer- It being a cold

79. The master did not know who of the servants broke the jug.

Answer- not know which of the

80. One of them forgot to take their bag from the school.

Answer- take his bag from

81. This is one my company who not only sells its products but also gives good sales service.

Answer- one company which not only

82. Who of the two is joining the team?

Answer- Which of the two

83. The boy whom you thought was an angel turns out to be a rogue.

Answer- boy who you thought

84. Myself and Ramanujam will take care of the function on Saturday.

Answer- Ramanujan and I will

85. He was the man whom they thought, should be the next Mayor.

Answer- the man who they thought

86. His salary is lower than a caretaker.

Answer- than that of a caretaker

87. Every woman in the world hoped that they would be healthy.

Answer- that she would be

88. Before the competition began asked him whom he thought was going to win.

Answer- asked him who he

89. A woman came in with a baby whom she said had just swallowed a safety pin.

Answer- baby who she said

90. They visited the place because they wanted to see for themself the damage caused by the floods.

Answer- see for themselves the

91. If you inform me of your’s arrival time I shall come to meet you at the airport.

Answer- me of your arrival

92.  In a democratic society each voter has a responsibility to cast their vote in the election process.

Answer- cast his vote in the

93. All the parties whose Presidents were asked to resign were involved in anti-ational activities.

Answer- No error

94. One should make his best efforts if one wishes to achieve success in this organisation.

Answer- make one’s best

95. It is very vulgar mind who would wish to command where he can have the service for the asking.

Answer- mind which/that would

96. All of us enjoyed heartly when we went out on a picnic with our teacher.

Answer- enjoyed ourselves

97. The principal decided to sanction any money that was required for completing the project.

Answer- sanction some money

98. The working capacity of a man can be measured with its potentiality and attitude at the same time; we cannot ignore the importance of age.

Answer- with his potentiality

99. Nobody was prepared to give up their seat to the old man bending on a stick.

Answer- give up his seat

100. Every one of us should do our duty to the country.

Answer- do his duty

101. One should take advantage of opportunities to talk with native orators if one wants to improve his English.Answer- improve one’s English

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