Railway Reservation English Conversation-5

Reserving berths for a journey

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Mahesh- Good morning, Mr. Mani.

Mani- Good morning, Mr. Mahesh. My son has passed the medical entrance examination.

Mahesh- So has my son. That’s glad news. He has been called to Bhopal for an interview.

Mani- So has my son. When is your son going?

Mahesh- He is planning to go on Monday.

Mani- So is my son. Which train is he going by?

Mahesh- What doubt is there? By Intercity Express, which is the most convenient train.

Mani- Then they will be travelling together by the same train.

Mahesh- Where is your son planning to stay?

Mani- He is planning to stay at Youth Hostel.

Mahesh- So does my son. The Youth Hostel will be cheaper

than any hotel. Then, they will be staying at the same place. Have you booked the tickets for your son? I haven’t booked till now.

Mani- Neither have I. I’m going to the railway station to book the ticket.

Mahesh- Oh, you are! So am I. Let’s go together. Lucky, I have met you.

Ram- Hello! gentlemen, Good morning. I’ve heard your sons have also been called to Bhopal.

Mahesh- Hello! Mr. Ram. Railway Reservation English Conversation-5

Mani- Good morning, Mr. Ram. Hasn’t your brother been called for the interview?

Ram- Yes, he has. I’m going to the railway station to book his ticket.

Mahesh- So are we. Where does your brother plan to stay?

Ram- He plans to stay at the Youth Hostel.

Mani- So do our sons. Have you booked accommodation for your brother?

Ram- No, I haven’t. What about your sons?

Mahesh- Neither have I.

Ram- Why don’t you do the booking in advance?

Mahesh- I don’t need to because my brother is staying at the Youth Hostel and he will accommodate my son.

Mani- But I have to do the booking for my son.

Mahesh-That’s no problem. I’ll talk to my brother on the phone when we come back from the station. I’m sure he’ll do the booking for your son and Ram’s brother.

Mani- Are you accompanying your son?

Mahesh- No, I’m not. Are you?

Mani- Yes, I think so. My son hasn’t been there before

Mahesh- Neither has my son. What about your brother, Mr. Ram?

Ram- He hasn’t been there, either. I don’t want any of them to fall victim to a con-man. Do you

think, Mahesh, you could arrange with your brother to come and pick them up from the railway station?

Mahesh- I think so. That won’t be a problem. Anyway, he’ll have to come and meet my son. Even otherwise, they are old enough to look after themselves.

Mani- In that case, there is no need for me to go with my son. It is a sheer waste of money, isn’t it? Okay, now when will your brother be returning?

Ram-The interview is on Tuesday. He can conveniently

catch Intercity Express, which starts in the evening from there. He can be there on Wednesday, in case the interview is over on Tuesday.

Mani- So can our sons. What do you say, Mahesh?

Mahesh- That’s right. I think we’ll do the booking for to and fro journey.

Mani- We had better do it right now.

Ram- We’d better be quick. Otherwise, we may not get the booking at all.

Mahesh- Which counter do we go to for booking II class?

Ram- We can do the booking at any counter. We had better tender the exact fare. Otherwise, getting change will be another problem.

Mani- So here we are! Mr. Ram, you do all the writing, two forms for each of us, one for the outward and another for the return journey.

(The forms are filled in and they stand in a queue)

Ram- How much is the fare for a round trip, Bhopal and back? In fact, there are three boys travelling together.

Clerk- Just two forms would have been enough, one for the outward journey and one for the return journey. You could have written all three names in one form if they were going to travel together. Two hundred and twenty rupees for each. It’s a three-tier train. You are given one lower berth, one middle berth and one upper berth. The same for return journey, too.

Ram- Thank you. Railway Reservation English Conversation-5

Mahesh- How do you know about the reservation?

Ram- Look! S2 is the compartment, 31, 32, and 33 are the berth numbers. Their names and details will appear on the reservation chart.

Mahesh- Now the tickets are reserved. I’ll give a ring to my brother and arrange everything else as soon as I reach home. I know your telephone number, Ram. By the way, Mani, are you on the phone?

Mani- Yes. My number is 761234

Mahesh- Oh, that’s very easy to remember. I shall give you a ring after I have contacted my brother. Bye.

Mani- Thanks, Mahesh. Thank you, Ram. Bye.

Ram- So long.

English Point Subhash Joshi 97539-78693

Railway Reservation English Conversation-5

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