Shopkeeper And Customer Conversation-2

2. At the greengrocer’s Shopkeeper And Customer Conversation-2

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Shopkeeper- Good morning. Can I help you?

Customer- Good morning. Yes, I would like to have some vegetables.

Shopkeeper- What would you like to buy?

Customer- How much are carrots?

Shopkeeper- They are twelve rupees a kilo.

Customer- Give me carrots and okra half a kilo each.

Shopkeeper- Here you are. What else?

Customer- Give me two kilos of potatoes and two kilos of onions, half kilo beans and a kilo of tomatoes. I want a sachet of sunflower oil too.

Shopkeeper- Yes, anything else?

Customer- How much are the bananas?

Shopkeeper- They are twenty rupees a kilo.

Customer- My goodness! I can’t believe it. It was only fifteen rupees yesterday. Has the price gone up again? Shopkeeper And Customer Conversation-2

Shopkeeper- Yes, and it may go up again tomorrow. 

Customer- The banana crops have been badly affected by the storm. Several farms have been completely destroyed.

Customer- Even nature seems to work against us. Give me half a kilo of bananas. Have you got ripe mangoes?

Shopkeeper- Oh, yes. I have some good mangoes. They are twenty five rupees a kilo.

Customer- Why are they so expensive?

Shopkeeper- Well, they come from Nagpur. It is a special variety and very nice.

Customer- Make it twenty a kilo. Then I’ll buy a kilo.

Shopkeeper- Sorry, I can’t reduce the price. I’ve been selling them at that price since this morning. You won’t get them anywhere for less than that price.You are my regular customer and you know I don’t charge more.

Customer- All right, give me a kilo of mangoes and half a kilo of seedless grapes.

Shopkeeper- What about some pickles? We have some good mango pickles; even the very sight of a bottle will water your mouth. Have a look at this!

Customer- You are a born salesman. How much is a bottle?

Shopkeeper- Only twenty eight rupees. That is not a bad price as things go these days. I’m sure you’ll like it once you taste it. Buy one, take it home and try it.

Customer- Don’t you have a smaller bottle?

Shopkeeper- No, that’s the smaller bottle. The bigger one costs fifty rupees.

Customer- Then the small one will do. I’ll have this one. How much is the bill?

Shopkeeper- Don’t you want cassava, bitter gourd and egg plants?

Customer- No, not cassava. Please give me bitter gourd and egg plants half kilo each. Now how much is my bill?

Shopkeeper- Rs 121.

Customer- You see, that is for a week’s vegetables. I don’t know how we’ll survive if the prices go up every day. Here is the money. Good day!

Shopkeeper- Good day!

Shopkeeper And Customer Conversation-2

English Point Subhash Joshi 97539-78693

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