Small English Conversation Part-1

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Rakesh: Good Morning sir.

Dr. Bansal : Morning. Come in please.

Rakesh: Sir, Actually, I have got a severe headache for a few days. It has been about 15 days now. Pain mostly occurs at night, just before I go to bed, at about 9.

Dr. Bansal : Did you take any medicine from somewhere?

Rakesh: Not yet. Though, I was thinking.

Dr. Bansal : No illness must be taken lightly. 15 days is more than enough. 5-7 days

period is acceptable. Anyway, now you made out that the headache occurs at the same time before going to bed.

Rakesh: Well, initially I thought it might be cured itself but now I am a bit scared. Due to irregularity in food habits, the illnesses which are known these days, I get horrified even thinking about those.

Dr. Bansal : Not to worry. Leave it on me now. Let me know if in these 15 days, you had cold, cough, fever or any giddiness sort of.

Rakesh: Yeah, I felt giddy twice. It just got dark in front of my eyes.

Dr. Bansal: Breathe heavily. Don’t worry. I am writing a few medicines. Purchase from the medical store outside. Everything will be alright. Now you have to come after 2 days. Let’s see the progress.

Rakesh: That’s fine, Doctor.

Small English Conversation Part-1

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