Small English Conversation Part-10

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Raju: Namaste, Sahab ji.

Mr. Goyal : Namaste, Raju. Have you cleaned the car?

Raju: Sahab ji. I have cleaned the car. But there is something that is bothering me. Actually, my mom is too ill. She gets stomach ache every day. I have consulted three doctors. All recommended medicines but of no avail/use. I had taken her to hospital. They say it needs to be operated. It would cost around Rs. 5 lac. Sahab ji, I can’t understand what to do. I could only manage 3 lac. My father is no more either otherwise he would have helped a bit.

Mr. Goyal : Raju, don’t worry. Do one thing, I will give you 2 lac. Rather take 3 lac. First, get your mom cured. Whenever you will be in a position to return, it’s fine, not to hurry. If you need more, don’t hesitate. You are my son’s age. Everything is going to be alright.

Raju: I’ll remain indebted to you. /I’ll never forget your help.

Mr. Goyal : Mention not. Anyway, come with me. I withdrew money from the ATM right away.

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Small English Conversation Part-10

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