Small Small English Conversation Part-11

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Rohan: Dad, where is mom?

Dad: I think she is in the kitchen.

Rohan: But I can’t see mom there. I have seen everywhere, she is nowhere.

Dad: Oh, I remember, she had told me that she would go to the market. She might have left. Call her up.

Rohan: Dad, where is your mobile? I can’t find it.

Dad: Seema, you were playing a game on mobile, weren’t you? Where is it?

Seema: I had kept it here only.

Rohan: But it’s not here.

Seema: Probably I had put it there in the kitchen. Let me check.

Rohan: Yeah, it’s here.

Dad: Now you call.

Rohan: Hello mom/mummy, have you left for the market?

Mummy: No honey, I am at the neighbour’s home. Aunty is preparing for her son’s birthday. It is to be celebrated in the evening today. I am helping her. Any problem?

Rohan: Actually, I could not find the watch.

Mummy: Underneath the pillow. Don’t you remember, yesterday when Seema was playing with it, I had hidden.

Rohan: Oh yes. I remember now. Ok mom, I hang up.

Mummy: Rohan, tell your Dad, I am coming in 5 minutes. We’ll have b’fast then.

Rohan: Ok mom. Bye. Dad, Mom is coming in 5 minutes, She is with neighbour aunty.

Dad: Ok. That’s fine.

Small English Conversation Part-11

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