Small English Conversation Part-12

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Sister: Bhaiya mere, Rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana. (sings)

Brother: Don’t make fun. Hurry up and tie the Rakhi.

Sister: Bhaiya, do you ever have time for me. You are always in a hurry.

Brother: Sweetheart, I am very much here at home today. You tie and see the surprise.

Sister: Looks like I am going to get a good amount of money today.

Brother: Well, just wait for the right time honey.

Sister: Here it is, my dear brother. It’s done. Now you eat the sweets that I’ve prepared for you with love.

Brother: You made it yourself, hard to believe.

Sister: That means you doubt my abilities.

Brother: I am just kidding honey

Sister: You always hurt me bro.

Brother: I am sorry sweet heart, here is your surprise gift.

Sister: What’s this?

Brother: Open and see.

Sister: Bhaiya, this is Apple’s mobile. How much for? It must be expensive.

Brother: Nothing is more expensive for me than you are. It’s costly but you are precious.

Sister: Thank you so much bhaiya. You are the greatest brother in the world. By the way, how much did it cost you?

Brother: It’s for Rs. 48000. / It cost me 48k.

Sister: My god, so costly! But Bhaiya, it’s amazing.

Brother: For me, nothing matters more than you.

Sister: Bhaiya, I love you so much.

Brother: I love you too honey. One more thing, tonight we’ll have dinner outside. You are going to have your favourite food today. Mom, we all will leave at about 8. Convince dad as well to come early

Mummy: Leave it on me. Dad is going to follow what your mom says.

Small English Conversation Part-12

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