Small English Conversation Part-13

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Shanti: Mom had given you something that day, hadn’t she?

Ruchi: Not really, she was giving it to me in fact but I had refused to take it.

Shanti: What was that?

Ruchi: In fact, she had asked my brother to bring a few books. Bhaiya had told her about the total cost. She was giving me money for it but I refused because Bhaiya had to suddenly leave for Bangalore. One of his friends is pretty ill so he couldn’t bring the books. And knowing that he can’t buy the books unless he returns, moreover it is not confirmed when he would return, l just didn’t take the money.

Shanti: Doesn’t your brother work?

Ruchi: Well, he has his own business of Garments. There are about 20 people working under him. There is a manager too who supervises everything in his absence. So, it doesn’t matter much. When he got married, he went to our Dehradun’s farm house and stayed there for about a month.

Shanti: He is good. He must be enjoying himself. I wish if I had this sort of business too, there wouldn’t have been a need for a job.

Ruchi: But there is tension in business too.

Shanti: I know. Anyway, I have to go to the office. I’m leaving now. Bye.

Small English Conversation Part-13

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