Small English Conversation Part-14

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Professor : Rahul, I have to talk about something important with you. We were thinking about

the university’s placement. I am sorry that there are no such positive results coming from your end. The concern is your placement?

Rahul: Sir, my first choice is Apple Inc. I am not even thinking about any other.

Professor: But Rahul, companies are coming next month and your research has not concluded yet.

Rahul: Sir, I am trying my best. I am optimistic about having something soon.

Professor : But Rahul, it’s not good enough.

Rahul: An achievement needs time.

Professor: I guess you’ll have to re-think. Maybe, your optimism is not practical.

Rahul: Sir, when Adison thought about the bulb, wouldn’t his contemporaries have doubted his abilities. Success doesn’t mean the absence of failure.

Professor : Rahul, I believe in your abilities but…

Rahul: Sir, don’t worry. I’ll leave no stone unturned.

Small English Conversation Part-14

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