Small English Conversation Part-15

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Passenger 1: Is this seat vacant?

Passenger 2: Yes, it is.

Passenger 1: I was tired of standing. Finally, I got the seat.

Passenger 2: Getting a seat is a bit difficult on this route. The route is long and another thing is that bus service on this route is not frequent.

Passenger 1: True. I’ve been travelling by this bus for the last 3 months and as far as I remember, I think only 10-12 times I would have got the seat. I can’t go by the next bus because it departs after an hour. I’ll be late for the office.

Passenger 2: Same with me. I am thinking of purchasing a house somewhere near my office. It would not only save my time but also get me rid of this troublesome commutation.

Passenger 1: The same thing even my wife was telling me but it is not that easy. There is a bit of trouble with money. But I must purchase it in 2 years.

Passenger 2: Hope for the best. Here comes my stand. See you again.

Passenger 1: Alright then.

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Small English Conversation Part-15

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