Small English Conversation Part-16

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(Phone rings. Rahul picks up the phone.)

Rahul: Hello?

Rakesh: Could I speak with Rahul?

Rahul: Speaking. Who is this?/ Who is calling?

Rakesh: Guess. Recognize the voice.

Rahul: Bro, Tell me who this is? I am working and a bit busy.

Rakesh: Not fair. Can’t you recognize?

Rahul: Is it Vikas?

Rakesh: Not Vikas. You remember, hug and cry.

Rahul: Oh my god, Rakesh?

Rakesh: Yes sir.

Rahul: Where are you mate? Is it your number?

Rakesh: Yep, it’s mine.

Rahul: Where have you gone? I searched you everywhere, even your phone was switched off. I even messaged but you didn’t even bother to reply once.

Rakesh: I was in trouble.

Rahul: Tell me one thing. I always stood by you in difficult times. You must have told me. I could’ve at least helped you.

Rakesh: I know mate, you are not happy with it. But I didn’t want to drag you in it.

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Small English Conversation Part-16

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