Small English Conversation Part-17

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Customer :Good morning.

Banker: Very good morning sir. How can I help you?

Customer: Sir, I have to deposit some money into my loan account but first of all, I want to

know the outstanding balance in my account.

Banker: It’s only Rs. 82563/-

Customer : How come? Sir, I had deposited 500/- last month.

Banker: Sir, let me check your account? May I have your account number please?

Customer : Sure, it’s 50124562136.

Banker: Thank you. Let me check.

Customer: Sir, can you provide me with an account statement too?

Banker: Sure. Well I can see that you deposited Rs. 500/- last month, then your outstanding remained 81961/- but on 31st of last month, interest of Rs. 602/- debited from your account, hence your present outstanding is Rs. 82563/-.

Customer : Oh yes. I didn’t think about the interest.

Banker: It’s ok sir. We are sitting here to clarify your doubts.

Customer: Thanks a lot. Kindly provide me with the statement too.

Banker: Here it is.

Customer : Thank you.

Banker: By the way, sir I saw you in Haldwani on Sunday.

Customer : I went there for some work. Where did you see?

Banker: Near JK showroom.

Customer : Yeah, I was there.

Banker: Anything else can I help you with?

Customer: That’s all. Thank you

Banker: Thank you sir.

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Small English Conversation Part-17

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