Small English Conversation Part-19

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Manager is talking to Pooja, his employee. 

Manager: Pooja, I have been noticing for the last few days, you are not taking your job seriously.

Pooja: No sir, it’s nothing like that. In fact sir, I am pretty disturbed these days. I’ve certain family issues.

Manager: Pooja, you have always been a star performer. I want you to perform your best irrespective of the personal issues

Pooja: Sir, I promise to continue my good work. But sir, I have a request…

Manager: Tell me.

Pooja: Sir, I was thinking if I could get a few days leave.

Manager: How many days do you need?

Pooja: Sir, at least a week.

Manager: Though it is going to be difficult without you because Binita and Anjali are already on leave, but I think you have a genuine reason. I will manage.

Pooja: Sir, I’ll be very thankful to you.

Manager: Pooja, Let me suggest you something. See, there are so many problems that we face in life but we are always having certain responsibilities too. Responsibility may be of any kind, personal or professional. We need to manage them together without reflecting stress on one another.

Pooja : I know.

Manager: I understand that our family issues do disturb our professional life. But managing both simultaneously is an art.

Pooja: I agree sir. Your suggestions are always worthy.

Manager: This is nothing but my experience of 50 years.

Pooja: Sir, are you 50 years old?

Manager I am rather 60.

Pooja: I can’t believe it sir. You don’t look like.

Manager: But I am.

Pooja: Anyway sir. ‘Thank you so much once again.

Manager: Go, sort out the issues and come back with the same energy.

Pooja: Sure sir. Thanks.

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Small English Conversation Part-19

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