Small English Conversation Part-2

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Seema: Show me that teddy bear please! 

Shopkeeper: Here it is.

Seema: How much is that for?

Shopkeeper: This one is for Rs. 500. It is very cheap.

Seema: Have you got a few more?

Shopkeeper: Give me a moment. I will show you.

Seema: Bhaiya, show me attractive ones. And in different colours too.

Shopkeeper: Look there. All the teddies are kept together. If you don’t like any of those, kindly wait till the evening. I will get about 15-20 more by then.

Seema: Bhaiya, this one is looking cute. Just take it out.

Shopkeeper: This one is a bit costly, madam.

Seema: For how much?

Shopkeeper: It will cost you 900./ It is for 900 bucks.

Seema: Bhaiya, be reasonable. / Discount me a bit.

Shopkeeper: Not less than 800

Seema: It’s okay. Pack/Wrap it. I have to gift it to someone.

Shopkeeper: Here it is.

Seema: Here is the money, thanks bhaiya.

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Small English Conversation Part-2

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