Small English Conversation Part-20

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Shopkeeper: Please come in madam.

Ruby: Bhaiya, I want to purchase a suit. Show me a good one, in some new design.

Shopkeeper: Ok madam. Please have a seat, I just show you.

Ruby: Ok bhaiya.

Shopkeeper: Madam, what type of suit do you want? & of what range?

Ruby: Range is no bar but it has to be a good one.

Shopkeeper: Not to worry then, I will show you a few new & good designs. Do you need it for a party?

Ruby: Yes it is, actually my maternal uncle’s daughter is getting married.

Shopkeeper: See this one & this as well, colours are many in these patterns.

Ruby: How much is this for?

Shopkeeper: Madam, it’ll cost you 1500, if you need a bit cheaper, you can go for that one.

Ruby: Not that one, this one is better but the rate is a bit higher. Can’t it be less?

Shopkeeper: I’ve already given you a discount.

Ruby: Well, show me the one, to the left of the green one.

Shopkeeper: Which one is this you are talking about?

Ruby: Yes it is. Also the one, just underneath.

Shopkeeper: Here it is madam, & see this one too, it’s a nice suit. It’s in fashion these days, particularly for marriages and parties.

Ruby: This? No bhaiya, I don’t need such. Show me something else?

Shopkeeper: Alright then you see this type of, exactly the one you are searching for.

Ruby: Yeah, this is better. Pack this one and please negotiate on price.

Shopkeeper: Don’t worry madam, the rate is absolutely fine.

Ruby: Bhaiya, how much is the discount on this.

Shopkeeper: It’s for 10%. It’ll cost you only 1100/-.

Ruby: Fine, here is the money.

Shopkeeper: Thank you madam, please visit again.

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Small English Conversation Part-20

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