Small English Conversation Part-21

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Father: Good morning Payal.

Payal: Good morning dad. Good morning mom.

Mummy: Good morning my princess.

Father: Didn’t Rahul get up?

Mummy: He is still sleeping

Payal: Dad, he gets up late every day, why don’t you say anything to him?

Mummy: It’s Sunday, let him sleep.

Payal: Even though I am off today, I woke up early?

Father: Payal, you go and wake up Rahul. Tell him, Dad is calling.

Payal: No dad, I won’t go, he’ll get angry at me. Tell mom to wake him up.

Father: Darling, you do.

Mummy: Rahul, get up son, it’s morning now.

Rahul: Mom, please let me sleep more.

Mummyy: It’s pretty late. Haven’t you gone to the park?

Rahul: No mom, I won’t go today, not feeling like, please let me sleep.

Mummy: Rahul, Dad is calling you. Get up or else Dad will get angry.

Rahul: Ok mom, I get up.

Mummy: Good boy, I’ll bring a cup of tea for you.

Rahul: Ok mom.

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Small English Conversation Part-21

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