Small English Conversation Part-22

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(Aditya, an English Teacher calls his one of the best students, Pavitra)

Pavitra: Hello.

Aditya: Hello, Is this Pavitra?

Pavitra: Yeah. Who is this?

Aditya: Pavitra, This is Aditya.

Pavitra: Who Aditya?

Aditya: Can’t you recognize my voice?

Pavitra: Oh I am sorry sir. It’s you.

Aditya: Yeah, Pavitra I am calling to inform you about special classroom training on Sunday. I’ve informed almost all the students about the same. Kindly ensure your presence on the day.

Pavitra: Of course sir. I’ll be there. At what time will the training start?

Aditya: It’s at 10 am. All are requested to be on time.

Pavitra: Have you informed Arpana and Vivek also?

Aditya: No, I am about to call them up.

Pavitra: Sir, I am going to Arpana’s home in the evening. I’ll inform her about it.

Aditya: Alright. See you on Sunday then.

Pavitra: Ok sir. Bye.

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Small English Conversation Part-22

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