Small English Conversation Part-23

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(Sagar is unwell, hence he goes to see a Doctor)

Sagar: May I come in sir?

Doctor: Please! Have a seat.

Sagar: Good morning Sir.

Doctor: Very good morning.

Sagar: Doctor, I’ve been unwell for the last 2 days.

Doctor: Tell me the problem?

Sagar: I’ve got a little fever and awkward anxiety sort of.

Doctor: Not to worry, let me check.

Sagar: Ok Doctor. (Scared)

Doctor: No need to worry, it’s a little weakness. It’s quite obvious in weakness. You’ve fever too.

Sagar: But Doctor, I am eating well and on time.

Doctor: It happens sometimes. Climate is also changing, isn’t it? I am writing a few medicines. Take these after dinner with warm water.

Sagar: Ok Doctor.

Doctor: For the time being, I wrote 3 days’ medicine. If the problem persists, come back for checkup.

Sagar: Ok Doctor.

Sagar: Doctor, I’ve got a bit of a stomach ache as well.

Doctor: How long has it been?

Sagar: Since I’ve been feeling feverish. It’s been about 3 days.

Doctor: Drink warm water and avoid spicy food.

Sagar: Ok Doctor. Thank you very much.

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Small English Conversation Part-23

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