Small English Conversation Part-24

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Sohan: Hi Ravi, How are you mate?

Ravi: Hey Sohan, I am fine, what about you?

Sohan: Fine. What’s going on these days?

Ravi: Nothing new. Study is over now. I am looking for a job. You tell me?

Sohan: I am working now. There is a company by the name JK Group. I am working as a Sales Executive.

Ravi: I see. Is there a vacancy in your company? Make me join too.

Sohan: Yes, why not. Do one thing, give me your resume, I’ll talk to my boss. It’s been only 3 months there, but I’ve got good speaking terms with my boss.

Ravi: Fine. I’ll mail my resume tomorrow. Try your best. I am in a dire need.

Sohan: Leave it on me. Well, how is everyone at home? Uncle Aunty?

Ravi: All are fine. Drop in sometime. You don’t turn up these days.

Sohan: Yeah I know. Honestly speaking. I really don’t get time these days. Actually, new job & work load, that’s it.

Ravi: Well, I’m leaving now. I got to go somewhere. See you again.

Sohan: Sure mate. See you soon.

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Small English Conversation Part-24

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