Small English Conversation Part-25

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Vivek: Good morning Sir.

Aditya sir : Good morning Vivek, how are you?

Vivek: I am fine sir. Sir, I’ve something to ask.

Aditya sir: Sure, tell me?

Vivek: Sir, I am going for an interview tomorrow. I am a little nervous. I need your help.

Aditya sir : I see. Which company & for which post?

Vivek: It’s a call centre by the name ‘MK Communication’. My job is to attend phone calls and take customer’s orders

Aditya sir : Okay have a seat, I let you know. Firstly, I am giving you few questions, which are commonly asked in interviews. You need to just cram them.

Vivek: Fine. Sir, kindly suggest to me; if they ask me about salary expectations, what should I answer?

Aditya sir : Below Rs. 10000/- is not good enough but even if they give you 8, not bad at the initial stage.

Vivek: I’ll tell them 8.

Aditya sir : Not at all. You’ve not to say first. They might be thinking of offering more & you say 8. Let them offer first.

Vivek: You are right sir. I’Il be careful.

Aditya sir : Actually Vivek, I’ve worked with many call centres. It’s a hard working job.

Vivek: Yes sir. I’ll try my level best, rest on God. Ok sir, I should leave now.

Aditya sir : Ok vivek. Good luck for the interview.

Vivek: Thank you sir.

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Small English Conversation Part-25

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