Small English Conversation Part-26

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Abhishek : Hi

Ayushi: Hi, how are you?

Abhishek : I am fine and you?

Ayushi: I am fine too. Thank you.

Abhishek : Thanks for accepting my friend request.

Ayushi: You are welcome but no need to say thanks, facebook is meant for making friends, isn’t it?

Abhishek : Yeah you are right. Where are you from?

Ayushi: I am from Uttarakhand and you?

Abhishek : I am from Delhi. Where in Uttarakhand?

Ayushi: From Mussoorie.

Abhishek : I’ve been to Mussoorie many times. My mom is from there.

Ayushi: Have you ever been to Dehradun?

Abhishek : Many times. One of my uncles lives there. 

Ayushi: Just a second, this name seems to be heard before. Oh yes, my friend Sneha also lives there.

Abhishek : What is the name of Sneha’s sister? Is it Sanchita?

Ayushi: Yeah, it is Sanchita.

Abhishek : I often visit my Tauji’s home. Sneha lives in the neighbourhood. What a coincidence!

Ayushi: Not possible. There are two sisters, live in her neighbourhood; Binita di & Anjali

di. Their father is retired from Indian Army,

Abhishek : He is my Tauji.

Ayushi: Don’t befool me.

Abhishek : I am not kidding. He is really my Tauji and both of them are my real sisters.

Ayushi: How do I believe? Ok tell me their age & what they do?

Abhishekk: Both are married. Binita di has a daughter, Yashi & Anjali di’s son is Avirat.

Ayushi : Absolutely. Now I’ve no doubt. How are they; Yashi & Avirat?

Abhishek :They both have fun. I remember when Yashi was quite a little, hardly 3 yrs old, she would often say “main nani ke paas ja rahi hun”. She looked very cute then. & you know what Avirat does! If one says ‘Golmaal’ in front of him, he starts weeping.

Ayushi: Last time when I went there, I met Anjali di. She was there for a few days. Then I saw Avirat. I think he was 5 months old then.

Abhishek : Ok then, I need to go now. Let’s chat in the evening.

Ayushi: Alright, bye.

Abhishek : Bye, see you again.

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Small English Conversation Part-26

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