Small English Conversation Part-27

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Boby: Nikhil bhai, where are you? Long time no see.

Nikhil: I am fine mate. What about you?

Boby: I am good but where were you, we all had been missing you.

Nikhil: I had gone somewhere for work. I just returned yesterday, thought to see you guys.

Boby: Well, that’s fine. What’s going on these days? Where are you working?

Nikhil: I am roaming places like Ludhiana, Amritsar, and Kanpur for my company’s assignment. I got to go to different company sites.

Boby: Well, do you know? Manoj bhai is working in an office in Chandni chowk & he has also started a business in partnership with Rana bhai. Anyway, if you’ve some time, accompany me to Sagar’s place. Actually, my mobile charger is not working. I wonder if I can get it repaired by Sagar. He’ll be happy to see you.

Nikhil: Why not! Let’s go. Well, you tell me? You are pursuing an MBA, aren’t you?

Boby: MBA is done. I work in a company now.

Nikhil: That’s great. Well, I never took study that seriously or else things could have been different. Anyway, one has his own destiny.

Boby: What difference it makes, nothing! It’s all about money. There are people highly educated though, just wandering. You get a good job, that’s it.

Nikhil: Of course it is.

(Boby’s friend Himanshu & his dad are seen on the way.)

Boby: Hey Himanshu, what are you doing here mate?

Himanshu : What’s up bro! I just came here to shop with dad.

Boby: Good morning uncle.

Himanshu’s dad: Very good morning beta.

Boby: Himanshu, meet Nikhil bhai, a computer engineer.

Himanshu :Oh I see, I’ve heard a lot about you. I think you are the one who repaired Sagar’s computer, right?

Nikhil: Yes I am.

Himanshu : Nice to see you. Well, we got to go. Boby, I see you in the evening.

Boby: Sure, see you mate.

Nikhil: He is a nice guy, isn’t he?

Boby: We have been good friends since school days. We used to have fun; being together,

watching movies, enjoying parties etc. Those were the real days. What now!; only work, busy life, don’t get spare time to be honest.

Nikhil: Things really change. Now, you see, ever since Rana bhai joined the bank, I can’t see him anymore.

Boby: Well, I talk to bhaiya over the phone quite frequently. Here it is, Sagar’s shop.

Sagar: Nikhil, where are you mate? No call, nothing! Is everything okay?

Nikhil: Well, well, well. I’ll tell you everything, let me breathe.

(Nikhil starts telling the whole story about what all happened these days..)

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Small English Conversation Part-27

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