Small English Conversation Part-28

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Wife: Still sleeping dear hubby, get up now?

Husband: Let me sleep a bit more.

Wife: Don’t you have office today?

Husband: No sweetheart, I am feeling unwell.

Wife: What happened?

Husband: I am feeling a bit feverish. I also have a headache.

Wife: You’ve got a cold I think. See a Doctor.

Husband : Yeah I’ll but after some rest.

Wife: Ok. Take rest. Even Rahul wasn’t feeling well today.

Husband: Where is he? What happened to him?

Wife: He has gone to school..

Husband: If he wasn’t well, then why did you let him go?

Wife: I told him but he left.

Husband: It’s ok. He knows himself better.

Wife: Yeah, he was saying he was fine. It was an important class so I couldn’t miss it.

Husband : Look, how mature our Rahul behaves now.

Wife: You are right. Well, there is a missed call from Mr. Sharma on your phone.

Husband: When?

Wife: When you were asleep.

Husband: It’s ok. I’ll call him after a while. I freshen up, you serve breakfast.

Wife: Alright.

Husband: Did Rahul have breakfast?

Wife: Yes he had.

Husband: Ok then, I’m coming.

Wife: Ok honey

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Small English Conversation Part-28

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