Small English Conversation Part-29

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Bikrant calls his Uncle (Mr. Pushkar Singh Rana). Mr. Rana picks up the phone…

Mr. Rana : Hello, who is this?

Bikrant: Good morning, uncle. How are you?

Mr. Rana: I didn’t recognize you.

Bikrant: Uncle, This is I, Bikrant

Mr. Rana: Oh, now I recognize. You are sounding quite differently. Actually there is a problem with my phone.

Bikrant: Get it repaired uncle.

Mr. Rana : Yeah I’ll. Anyway, how is your job?

Bikrant: Uncle, job is fine but I called you to let you know about a vacancy in our company. I was thinking if Aman would like to apply.

Mr. Rana: For which post?

Bikrant: It’s actually for a sales manager.

Mr. Rana : What is the qualification needed?

Bikrant: Just Graduation in science.

Mr. Rama: What does he need to do?

Bikrant: Let me talk to Aman. Is he there?

Mr. Rana: Yeah, he is sitting next to me. Give me a second. I hand over the phone.

Bikrant: Please.

Aman: Hi Bhaiya, How are you doing?

Bikrant: I am doing great Aman. See, there is a golden opportunity for you in our company. You will join as a sales manager. I have got solid terms with my boss. You don’t need to have an experience either.

Aman: Thanks Bhaiya. What do I do, tell me?

Bikrant: Just mail me your resume. You have my email Id, don’t you?

Aman: Yeah, I do bhaiya.

Bikrant: Mail me within an hour. Most probably, you’ll have to join from coming Monday.

Aman: Ok bhaiya. Please call me once you get the confirmation of joining.

Bikrant: But remember, my prestige will be on stake.

Aman: Don’t worry bhaiya, I’ll leave no stone unturned.

Bikrant: That’s what I wanted to hear. Ok then, I got to hang up now.

Aman: Ok bhaiya, see you.

Bikrant: Take care. Bye.

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Small English Conversation Part-29

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