Small English Conversation Part-3

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Priya: :Good morning, sir

Mr. Sharma: Good morning dear. How are you doing?

Priya: I am doing well, sir.

Mr. Sharma: Have you done yesterday’s homework?/ Are you done with the homework?

Priya: Actually sir, yesterday some relatives had dropped in so I got so busy in cooking food that I couldn’t spare time. I thought I would do it at night but they stayed even at night so it got difficult to manage.

Mr. Sharma: It’s ok. Have they left?/ Are they gone?

Priya: They will go in the afternoon. By the time I reach home, they’ll have left.

Mr. Sharma: That’s alright. Get it checked tomorrow. I won’t give homework today.

Priya: Sir, can I say something? Actually, Homework is a bit tough. I wasn’t able to solve the first two questions at all.

Mr. Sharma: That means, you haven’t read the third chapter properly/thoroughly. They

both are from the third chapter.

Priya: Sir, I will do one thing. I will revise the third chapter. Let me see if I will be able to solve both of them.

Mr. Sharma: I believe you will understand. But if you still face any problem, I will revise in class. Okay?

Priya: Thank you sir.

Mr. Sharma: Most welcome.

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Small English Conversation Part-3

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