Small English Conversation Part-30

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Mr. Rana : Hello Mr.Kumar. How are you doing?

Mr. Kumar: I am fine Mr. Rana. You tell me?

Mr. Rana : I am good, thank you. Meet my wife and children.

Mr. Kumar : Hello Mrs. Rana. Hello children.

Mrs. Rana : Hello, Mr. Kumar.

Mr. Kumar : Even I am with my children. They are on the dance floor right now.

Mr. Rana : That’s great. Where is bhabhiji?

Mr. Kumar : She couldn’t come as she was feeling a bit feverish.

Mr. Rana : Oh I see. So she must have seen the doctor, mustn’t she?

Mr. Kumar : Yeah, she has. He said nothing much to worry about, just take rest.

Mr. Rana : She will be alright.

Mr. Rawat: Hey guys (shouts). Mr, Rana & Mr. Kumar; both great people together here.

Mr. Rana : Mr. Rawat. How are you mate?

Mr. Rawat : Not very good. You had told me that you were not coming to the party.

Mr. Rana : I am sorry sir but I had an appointment that time. It just got cancelled an hour ago so I thought why not to join you guys.

Mr. Rawat I was just kidding mate. Let’s enjoy.

Mrs. Rana : Ok honey, enjoy yourself with your friends. I would meet Mrs. Rawat.

Mr. Rana : Ok sweetheart. Take care of children.

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Small English Conversation Part-30

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