Small English Conversation Part-4

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Kamal: Sagar, what’s the matter? Looking sad! I have been noticing for a few days, you look lost. Something is there, which you are hiding from us. It will relax you if you tell us the matter. If you keep it to yourself, how would we know the problem of our friend?

Sagar: Sometimes I feel as if life is making fun of me. Looks like God is sleeping.

Kamal: What happened?/ What happened as such?

Sagar: Mom got so ill that we had to admit her in hospital. Though, she is at home now. Our car caught fire. Insurance had ended just 2 days ago and we were about to renew it but this incident occurred. We got nothing at all. I lost my job. Company went bankrupt. I didn’t even get 2 months’ salary.

Kamal: How is mom now?

Sagar: She is better now.

Kamal: Everything will be alright. Whatever God does, there is something good hidden there

as well. I am sure that in the next month, we will be having a grand celebration. If there is a problem of money, don’t hesitate at all

Sagar: I rather need support. You came, I felt better. Thanks mate.

Kamal: No thanks in friendship. It was my responsibility that if my friend is in trouble, I help him. Had I been at your place, would you not have stood by.

Sagar: I know./ You are right./ Of course / obviously.

Kamal: Listen, now we are going for a movie, ok?

Sagar: I have a bit problem of money. / My hands are a bit tight.

Kamal: Did I talk about money? Let’s freshen up our minds. I am coming to see your mom


Sagar: Thanks mate.

Kamal: You always did well for others. No matter what, I’ll always stand by you. You are a good friend of mine, maybe the best. You remember? Once you had told me “The friend in need is a friend indeed.” I guess the day has come, and I am with you.

Sagar: I know. /I remember.

Kamal: But I am not very happy with you, you didn’t tell me earlier. Anyway, we are going for a movie. Now smile a little mate. Smiling is good for your health.

Small English Conversation Part-4

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