Small English Conversation Part-5

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Ram: How are you doing mate?/ How are you bro?

Shyam: Doing Good, you tell me?

Ram: All good. What is going on?

Shyam: Nothing special, just father’s business. I am working hard from my end, rest on God.

Ram: You never told me about your Dad’s business!

Shyam: Never got a chance in fact. Anyway, how is your job?

Ram: Job is going well. I am a Manager now. Marriage is finalised as well.

Shyam: What are you talking about? Are you kidding me?

Ram: I am not kidding. I am serious.

Shyam: When is that?

Ram: Date is not decided yet, however most probably by December.

Shyam: Wow! At least I will get a chance to dance.

Ram: Dance is fine but you will have to go shopping with me.

Shyam: It’s ok, do call me, okay?

Ram: Well, let’s go now. It is getting dark. Listen, tomorrow I am coming near your place. If you say we can have a party, it has been many days.

Shyam: Anytime mate.

Ram: Ok, I’ll call you up. Good night.

Shyam: Good night mate. Take care.

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Small English Conversation Part-5

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