Small English Conversation Part-6

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Rohit: Hi Shalini, How are you doing?

Shalini: You tell?

Rohit: I am good. Well, I came to your home the other day.

Shalini: I know. Mom had told me, You had repaired our computer. I had no idea that you are a computer engineer.

Rohit: I didn’t see you there? You were not seen around?

Shalini: Yeah, Actually I was at my uncle’s place.

Rohit: Where does he live?

Shalini: In the next street. The one who teaches English.

Rohit: Ashish Rawat sir!

Shalini: Yeah, he is.

Rohit: Is he your uncle? I didn’t know. He is the one I learned English from.

Shalini: He is quite famous now. He had started teaching about 6 years ago. Now he earns around 2 lacs a month.

Rohit: Can I say something? Please don’t mind.

Shalini: Sure.

Rohit: You know what. I couldn’t ever say that I like you. I was always scared of your family’s high status. I tried a lot but couldn’t find the courage. Don’t mind, okay. I just said what I felt.

Shalini: I think I must leave now. I’ll call you, okay.

Rohit: Alright.

Shalini: Bye.

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Small English Conversation Part-6

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