Small English Conversation Part-7

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Teacher: Students, today we are going to learn a new topic. But tell me, whatever I had taught in the last class, did you all understand?

Priya: Sir, I had not understood the second question. I revised and asked my brother, and then finally I could understand.

Sohan: Sir, the same thing happened with me. Even, I found it difficult, but finally I solved it. Sir, I had to ask you one thing; in the 4th question, A’s value was 10, wasn’t it? because I put 10 and it was solved.

Teacher: Yes, You had to put 10 but why? Who among you can answer?

Rohan: Sir, it’s because A equals to B+C. B is 3 and C is 7 so it makes 10.

Teacher: Absolutely correct. All right, now what we do is, rather than going for the new chapter, let’s revise yesterday’s one. It will develop better understanding.

Children: Ok sir.

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Small English Conversation Part-7

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