Small English Conversation Part-9

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Saleem: What’s up mate?

Salman: Nothing special. Preparing food.

Saleem: Tell me one thing. Whenever I call you, you are either preparing food, washing utensils or washing clothes. What’s the matter mate?

Salman: A man alone obviously has such a problem.

Saleem: You are right. When I lived separately, I wasn’t able to have any spare time. The whole day was busy with household work.

Salman: Not to worry. It’s just a matter of time. And anyway, it is a matter of only a few days. Then I am going to my hometown, I would enjoy there.

Saleem: Enjoying life without me is impossible. Is there any friend as I am, who makes you enjoy there?

Salman : Not really but time is killed with family members. My sister’s little baby is there too. I play with her/him, time just flies.

Saleem: You’ll go home, I’ll be alone. I will miss you a lot, friend. I’ll come to see you sometimes, whenever I get time.

Salman: Even, I’ll visit sometimes.

Saleem: Leave it. Is the food prepared now?

Salman: Almost done.

Saleem: Call me after having food, ok? All right then. Bye.

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Small English Conversation Part-9

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