15. Practice Makes You Perfect (Story of an Archer)

It is said that Practice Makes Man Perfect. This is true. But keep in mind that the practice should be in the right direction. 

If we change this proverb a little bit, it will become Right Practice Makes a Man Perfect. That is to say, through practice we become perfect. But that practice should be in the right direction. 

If we practice the wrong things we will become perfect in the wrong way. So practice the thing, in which we need to be proficient.

If you want to be successful, if you want to be great, if you want to become rich, then surely you must practice such tasks, in which the mastery will give you all this. 

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Through the following story you can understand where one person’s practice brought him praise while another person’s practice gave him nothing. 

Through practice they both had become adept but still how different were the results? Let’s see.

Story of an Archer

Once an archer was performing his art at a crossroads. He was aiming at a board with his arrow. He took out his first arrow, aimed it and released it. The arrow hit the exact middle of the board. Crowd of people were watching his talent. 

Then he took out another arrow, shot it and this too hit the Bull’s eye. Everyone started clapping but one of them said, hey, what is special in this. This is a matter of practice.

Hearing this, the archer took out another arrow and shot it on the board. Again the arrow hit the very middle of the board. Everyone again applauded and clapped. 

But the man said the same thing, what is the wonder in this, it is just a miracle of practice.

Now the arrow-shooter went to him and said angrily – can you do this?

That man said no. I can not do this.

The archer said, then why did you say that all this is a miracle of practice?

The man thought a little and said – can you fill oil from one bottle to another?

The archer said yes I can.

Then the man said there are two conditions. First there should be a distance of 5 feet between those bottles and the second condition is that not even a drop of oil should fall out.

Now the archer said no, no. It is not possible.

Then the man asked for two bottles and showed him filling oil from one bottle to another from 5 feet away. And the amazing thing was that not even a drop of oil had spilled out.

Seeing this the archer was astonished. He asked how did you do it?

The man said that all this is a miracle of practice. I work in an oil company where oil is filled from similarly large oil cans. The amazing thing is that their mouth is like a bottle. I have been doing this for many years, which has made me perfect, so when you hit the target, I said this is the wonder of practice and not you.

So friends, you have seen what we can do with practice. But always remember that only the practice of right thing can bring us something big.

Even in this story where the archer was getting money and praise, the other person was of no added benefit. Both of them had attained perfection by practicing but the results were not same. If you too choose a right task and start doing it again and again, then a day will come when you will become an expert in it.

Now write whether you practice now or not. If you do, what work do you practice?

Some people practice to be happy and some to be unhappy. 

What kind of practice you are doing is the only thing that decides how successful, how prosper your life will be. 

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Story of an Archer

Story of an Archer

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