The Blind Girl -Story Of Blind Girl

Once in a beautiful city, there was a blind girl 

who was not happy with herself

because she was blind. 

But she loved a boy

who was not only very handsome but also very caring about her.

And he was always there for her. 

One day the boy asked her to marry him.

She replied that

if she could see the world,

she would marry him happily.

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Story Of Blind Girl

The boy felt sorry for her but said

 ok, I would wait.

One day, a doctor informed her that

there is a donated a pair of eyes

and we can use it for her.

After operation she was able to see the world and of course her boyfriend. 

Her boyfriend again asked her,

“Would you like to marry me,

since you can see the world now?”

But when she looked at her boyfriend

she was shocked

that her boyfriend was blind too,

 so she refused to marry him. 

Story Of Blind Girl

Her boyfriend went away in tears,

and later sent a letter to her, saying:

“Please, look after my eyes carefully, dear.”

Now you know who donated her those eyes.

Do you know the lesson of this story?

Very simple when our condition improve, so does our mental condition. 

Some people may not be able to see the way things were before,

and might not be able to appreciate them. Story Of Blind Girl

There are many things to take away from this story, not just one.

We must be satisfied or happy with whatever is given to us by God.

We should be grateful to those who were with us in our bad days.

We should value our true friends.

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