Story Of fraud blue jackal-Story Of fraud blue jackal

This is the story of a foolish jackal.

Jackal’s usual colour is dark or light brown.

But the jackal of our story is blue in colour.

How did the jackal become blue?

What happened to him?

We will read the story and find out.

Long ago, there lived a foolish jackal in the deep green forest.

The jackal never used to go with his pack to hunt.

One special night the foolish jackal felt hungry.

“I will go to the town and get a lamb or chicken,” thought the foolish jackal.

It was a moonless night.

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The jackal was walking slowly on the town road when he heard dogs barking.

Soon the dogs started chasing him.

Fearing that the dogs would catch him he ran as fast as he could.

The frightened jackal then took shelter in a weaver’s house.

As soon as the jackal entered the courtyard of the house, he saw a big tub.

In a hurry to hide him, the jackal jumped into the tub and hid himself.

The dogs came running behind the jackal but sniffed at the top and went away.

The jackal was thankful that he was alive and quickly went back to the forest.

The lazy jackal soon noticed that all his friends ran away from him.

Feeling thirsty, he went to a pond to drink water.

He was surprised to see a strange blue animal staring at him from under the water.

He checked his skin and found that it was no longer brown, but blue!

There was perhaps some dye in the weaver’s tub’, he thought to himself, ‘a good bath will remove the colour.’ 

He tried washing off the colour but the dye was too fast. So the colour remained on his skin.

The jackal thought for some time and made a plan.

Story Of fraud blue jackal

Next morning, the jackal said loudly to all the animals of the forest, “Come here, my friends. 

I have been sent to become your king and look after you.”

The lion, the tiger, the leopard and the elephant looked at each other and accepted the blue jackal as their king.

“As the new king I need your help,’ the jackal said. 

“Who will be my prime minister?”

‘The lion, the lion,’ said the animals.

So, the lion became the prime minister;

the tiger became the head of the army;

the elephant stood guard at the mouth of the cave; 

and the hyena kept watch at night.

The jackal had nothing to worry about; he had all that he wanted.

However, late one night, a pack of jackals started howling.

They were so close to the new king’s cave that the blue jackal forgot himself and began to howl too.

The other animals looked at their new king in surprised.

He was no king- only a common jackal! 

They were angry and drove him out of the forest.

Story Of fraud blue jackal

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