43. Negativity (Story of Negative Crow)

Story of a Crow

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A short story that can solve a huge problem for you. One problem with many people who fail is that they see themselves as imperfect. They say it would have been much easier to succeed if they were like anyone else. The qualities which God has given to them, they do not appreciate them. They only see more qualities in others, due to which they fail and are also unhappy.

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If we understand this small thing that God has given a different personality to everyone, a different quality which makes us unique or amazing. The only condition is that we have to find that quality and use it wisely. Let us see a short story to explain this point.

There lived a black crow in a forest. He was very upset because his complexion was dark and his voice was not good. He used to complain to everyone that his dark complexion and his skin are very bad and God has discriminated against him a lot. 

Then a Mahatma explained to him that in whomever you see goodness, go to him and talk about how happy he is.

The black crow understood this. Then he started talking to everyone. First he saw a peacock. He told the peacock how beautiful you are and how beautiful your feathers are. How lucky you are. Then the peacock said that this beauty is my enemy. Because of this people kill me and keep me imprisoned in a cage.

Then the crow talked to the parrot. He told the parrot that your voice is so sweet and your complexion is also beautiful. Then the parrot made a mouth and said that this is my problem. Seeing my complexion, listening to my speech, people keep me in a cage and take away my freedom.

The crows also talked to some other people and everyone told him their problems and told him only one thing: that you are very happy. Because no one bothers you because of your color and voice. You are always free and roam free. But no one imprisons you in a cage.

Now the crow came to understand that what he considered to be his weakness was his greatest strength. Because of which he could move anywhere with so much freedom.

All we have to learn from this story is that if there is something in your mind that makes you weak and sad, then you can easily make it your strength.

To walk on the path of success, it is very important to make yourself feel beautiful and strong. Still, if any such thing sits in your mind, which keeps bothering you, then do not delay for long, there is absolutely no need to be shy, call me immediately on 97539 78693.

Story of Negative Crow

Story of Negative Crow

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