83. Passion (Story of Unshakable Passion Karoly Takacs)

Karoly Takacs A name that can be said to be synonymous with Passion.  Story of Unshakable Passion

Whoever reads the life story of Karoly Takacs, he will press his finger under his teeth. He accomplished a task that everyone considered impossible.

What will we learn from the story of Karoly Takacs?

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1. Unshakable Willpower An unshakable Passion.

2. Rock Solid Self Confidence

3. Focus On Aim

4. Action Without Boasting

5. Optimization of Resources Maximizing the use of resources

6. Don’t Complain

Karoly Takacs used to serve in the Hungarian Army. He was a great pistol shooter. He won all the competitions in the National Games of 1938, performing well. Seeing his performance, the entire Hungarians were convinced that Karoly would win the gold medal for the country in the 1940 Olympics.

But Karoly Takacs had yet to struggle. Soon after 1938 National Games, one day a grenade exploded in Karoly’s hand at an army training camp. Karoly’s hand, which he had trained since childhood, was forever separated from the body. The whole country sinks into mourning as his dream of winning gold in the Olympics ended, but Karoly Takacs was made of some other clay. 

Immediately after his right arm, which he had trained to shoot amputated, he started practicing shooting with his opposite hand. Karoly Takacs saw his target as Arjun. He kept practicing with his left hand without informing anyone.

About a year later, in 1939, when the National Games were being held, he appeard in front of the people, and surprised everyone by saying that he will participate in the games. He participates in pistol shooting and miraculously wins the gold medal.

People were surprised, how did this happen? 

The hand with which he could not even write till a year ago, how did he train it so much that he won the gold medal. It was a miracle for the people. Karoly got a lot of respect in the country and abroad. The whole Hungary was again convinced that Karoly would win the gold medal in pistol shooting in the 1940 Olympics. But time again played the game with Karoly and the 1940 Olympics were canceled due to the Second World War.

Karoly did not despair. He devoted his entire attention to the 1944 Olympics. But time was testing his endurance. The 1944 Olympics were also canceled due to the World War.

Once again the confidence of the Hungarians began to shake. Because Karoly’s age was increasing. There is a close relationship between age and performance in sports. After an age, your performance starts decreasing. But Karoly’s only goal was a gold medal in pistol shooting in the Olympics. For this he was practicing continuously. Eventually the 1948 Olympics were held, Karoly participated in it and won the gold medal in pistol shooting for his country.

The whole Hungary rejoiced, as Karoly did what was impossible for anyone else. But Karoly did not stop here, he also participated in the 1952 Olympics and made history by winning the gold medal there too. Karoly became the first player to win two consecutive gold medals in that pistol event.

The story of Karoly who showed his immense Passion and Will-power by doing what you and I can’t even imagine. If this had happened to us, what would we have done, perhaps we would have been blaming our luck and God for the rest of our lives. But Karoly did not do any such thing, he focused his full attention on his target.

So friends, at any point of life you feel that time and circumstances are not supporting you in achieving your goal, then just  think about Karoly, about his struggle, about his Passion and Will-power.

Story of Unshakable Passion

Story of Unshakable Passion

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