19. Discipline (Story of Wilma Rudolph )

Story of Wilma Rudolph 

From Disability to Olympic Gold Medal 

This is the story of a girl who got polio at the age of two and a half years, who was ridiculed by friends and even by the teacher in school because of her disability, who was born in a very poor family, who could not walk without a brace till the age of 11, but at the age of 21, she won many gold medals in the Olympics with high spirits. That’s why both white and black banquet was organized together in her honor.

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This is the story of Wilma Rudolph from which we can learn- 

1. If you have a disability in your body, it will do. But disability should not come into your mind.

2. Your poverty can act as a motivation for you to rise higher. Make poverty an embodiment of success, not an opportunity to be disappointed.

3. If you have high spirits, then you can do things that the world will be amazed to see.

4. God has given the power to listen, but what we have to hear, what we have to understand, this is our only and only right, so whenever you listen to someone, listen only positive, whatever someone says, you should only listen well.

5. A goal, a will power, an unwavering faith, consistent work, can give results that will take you to the top.

6. Think about what we have, what you can do by using them. Amazing things can be done with what you have.

7. Encouragement and sacrifice are the two things that can take one to the top.

8. It doesn’t matter who says what. It does matter what you hear.

The story of the success of Wilma Rudolph. 

Wilma was born in 1939 in a town in the US state of Tennessee. Wilma’s father Rudolf used to work as a laborer and mother in other’s homes. Wilma was number 19 among 22 siblings. Wilma, who was very ill since childhood, contracted polio at the age of two and a half years.

She also started having severe pain in moving his legs. Seeing the condition of the daughter, the mother left her work to take care of the daughter and started her treatment.

Mother would take her twice a week for treatment to a hospital located 50 miles away from her town, because it was the nearest hospital, which had facilities for the treatment of blacks. 

Story of Wilma Rudolph 

She was treated at home for the remaining five days. To keep Wilma’s morale up, the mother admitted her in a school. Mother always encouraged her to understand herself better.

After five years of treatment, Wilma’s condition improved slightly. Now she started playing wearing high heels on one foot. The doctor advised her to play basketball. The doctor treating Wilma K. Amway said that Wilma would never be able to walk without a brace. But due to her mother’s dedication and Wilma’s passion, Wilma took off her brace and played basketball for the first time at the age of 11.

It was nothing less than a miracle for the doctor treating her. When he came to know, he came to meet Wilma. He asked her to take off the brace and run. 

Wilma quickly took off the brace and started walking. After walking a few feet, she ran and fell. Doctor Amway got up and went to Wilma. He picked up Wilma, embraced her and said well done daughter.

I was wrong, but my wish came true. You will run, run a lot and leave everyone behind. Wilma later said in an interview that Dr. Amway’s praise broke a rock and a stream of energy flowed from there. I thought I wanted to be the fastest runner in the world.

After this Wilma’s mother arranged a coach for her. Seeing Wilma’s dedication and determination, the school also fully supported her. 

Wilma started practicing with full zeal and passion. Wilma participated in the Inter School Race Competition for the first time in 1953. She finished last in this competition.

Wilma didn’t let her confidence go down. She continued her practice vigorously. 

Eventually, after eight failures, she won the 9th competition. After this Wilma did not look back. She continued to perform well. As a result of which she got an opportunity to represent the country in the 1960 Rome Olympics.

In the Olympics, Wilma won gold medals in the 100 meter race, 200 meter race and 400 meter relay race. 

In this way, Wilma became the first black female player in America to win gold medals in all three running competitions. The newspapers awarded her the title of Black Gazelle, which later became synonymous with prolific black players.

On her return home, a banquet was held in her honor, which for the first time was attended by white and black Americans, which Wilma considered the biggest victory of her life.

Wilma always gave all the credit for her victories to her mother. Wilma always said that if mother had not sacrificed for her, she would not have been able to do anything.

Story of Wilma Rudolph 

Story of Wilma Rudolph 

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