Exercise 01

Direction: Find out the error in each of the following sentences, if any. If there is no error your answer is E. 

01. All the members of the board are kindly requested to appear in the next meeting.

02. They were quite alright when they started arguing with the so-called officer.

03. Many people don’t hardly know about the real factors that have led the state to so many crises.

04. The reason why most of the people commit crime is because they have not been properly educated.

05. Throughout the whole year there was not a single day without some violence.

06. Perhaps we must wait for quiter times before the claims of civilization can again over-ride over the claims of the party spirit.

07. Two recent incidents amply illustrate about the present political condition of the country.

08. This idea of the chief minister’s has surprised the intellectual to a great extent.

09. Probably by the end of the year he will leave for the USA with bag and baggage.

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10. In Bhopal he came across with many of his friends who had settled there.

11. She asked me politely where I was going to and what I would bring for her.

12. The thing what you like is not available here.

13. This is the new book which my father bought it for you.

14. Yesterday in the night she came to dinner but ate very little because she was emotionally disturbed.

15. A cousin brother of the chairman said that he would like to succeed him when his term expired.

16. The patient is comparatively better today and I hope that he will recover soon, said the doctor.

17. The principal forbade the students not to stage a walkout.

18. The student requested the teacher to repeat the question again.

19. My mother asked me if I had sufficient enough money to pay the fees.

20. The PM said that it was her decision and that nobody could get it changed.

21. She denied that she was not present on the spot of the occurrence.

22. When he lent me some books, he asked me to return them back by the end of the month.

23. Supposing if all your problems had been solved, what would you have done?

24. Within an hour’s journey we will approach near Bhopal.

25. Pakistan’s support to the terrorists of India should be universally condemned by all.

26. A committee comprising of eminent members from various technical institutions was set up.

27. When Ram heard the news that he had been hospitalized he cancelled his trip and returned back to his village.

28. If it weren’t for you I would not be alive today.

29. He remained himself inside the house.

30. I have learnt that a lot of students have applied for freeship.

31. The old man asked me if there was any place in the compartment.

32. He was very friendly enough to help me when I was in distress.

33. The officer asked me to talk to the concerned clerk for any difficulty in payment.

34. He put his sign at the foot of the letter and posted it.

35. Both of them have not turned up in this court.

36. He ran as fastly as he could to win the race but ultimately he lost.

37. As my neighbours are very cooperative, I do not feel any difficulty.

38. Each competitor tried his best to defeat the one another.

39. Many pupils of this department are working as teachers in different public schools of the city.

40. The passing marks in this paper are 33 but you have got just 30.

41. In spite of his insincerity he was awarded cent percent marks in mathematics.

42. All his family members are working on some of the prestigious posts.

43. To what has always puzzled me is why we had to wait for the British to promote the development of our hill stations.

44. According to me every student of English literature must read all the best tragedies of Shakespeare.

45. Now a days he is living in foreign but his parents still live in India.

46. One of my best friends is in the teaching line but he lives abroad.

47. He wishes to join lecturership because he thinks that this is a peaceful profession.

48. The English teacher said that we should work regularly if we wanted to improve our English.

49. He wanted to know whether it was the right and proper thing to do. 

50. The last project of the company was equally as successful as the first project.

51. Unless you do not go through your books you cannot get through the examination.

52. I took a day’s leave to attend a dear departed friend’s funeral service which was to be conducted by his family priest.

53. Please remember that Dr Geeta, who is a surgeon, is my cousin sister and must be shown due respect.

54. She reimbursed back the money which I had spent during our journey to Bhopal.

55. They stayed in Poland for a very short period of time and then they returned home.

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