56. Don’t Judge Too Early (Three Stories Of Anger)

3 Stories Of Anger

Don’t judge anyone without knowing the reason. It happens many times in life that we form an opinion without knowing the reason and regret it later. 

Look at the following three examples and try to understand that you don’t make this mistake again. There is a reason behind any action, try to understand it.

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Story Number 01-

1. You are traveling by train. You have an old couple sitting next to you and two young children playing with them. They are making more noise than playing. All the passengers are being disturbed and you are also very upset. 

But that old couple, who seem to be the grandparents of children by their age, are not saying anything to them and are sitting completely silent. 

What would you think?

Story Number 02-

2. You have an important meeting with a person tomorrow morning. And your friend also needs to go with you, so after talking to your friend, you fixed the time of 9:00 in the morning. But in the morning you see that your friend has not come till 9:00. 

You are upset. When you call, the mobile is switched off. Around 9:30 your friend who has a grown beard, messy hair, dirty clothes comes.

Now the meeting is absolutely wrong. 

What would you think? 

What would you do?

Three Stories Of Anger

Story Number 03-

3. You have to take some medicine from the medical shop, but it is raining, so you go by car. You reach the medical and as soon as you try to park the car, a car driver suddenly parks the car at that place. 

You get angry, but he leaves without looking at you. Now you go a little far and park the car. Take your umbrella and go to the medical shop.

When you reach the medical, the person in the car is at the medical. 

What would you tell him now? 

Take your time. Consider all three examples carefully. 

Then try to think of the answer.

Now look at the first example. 

You are worried about the noise of the children and think of shouting at their grandparents. Before you shout, he tells you that they are returning after performing last rites of the accidental death of his son and daughter-in-law, and both are their children. 

What would you say now?

Now look at another example. 

Before you get angry at your friend, he tells you that his father had a heart attack at night, then the father is admitted to the hospital and he was there all night. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t go home and because the meeting was necessary, he came straight from the hospital to you. 

What would you say now?

Now look at the third example. When you see that car driver leaving the medical, the medical person tells you that this person had come to get emergency medicines for the person who has had a paralysis attack and was in a hurry. 

What would you say now?

Three Stories Of Anger

One more special story 

There were many trees on the bank of a river. The rainy season is about to come. One day a little bird passed by asked a tree there, “It’s going to rain, can I make a nest on one of your branches? My kids and I will stay in that nest.”

The tree refused, saying no. 

The bird felt bad but then she went to another tree and asked the same question, “It is going to rain, can I make a nest on one of your branches? My children and I will live in that nest.”

The other tree said yes. 

And the bird was happy and made its nest on another tree and started living with the children in the nest.

After a few days the rainy season arrived and one day it rained heavily. That day the water kept falling very fast for a long time and because of this the root of the first tree got uprooted from the ground and it fell. 

After a while the tree started flowing in the water due to excessive water. When the bird saw that tree flowing, it said with annoyance, when I and my children came to you for shelter, you had refused. 

Now look, because of your same behavior you have to see this day that you are uprooted and are flowing in water.

The tree smiled while swaying in the rain and said “I knew my roots were weak and I wouldn’t be able to survive in this rain. I didn’t want to put your life and the kids in danger. Forgive me for refusing.”

And while saying this the tree got swept away.

Don’t always take someone’s refusal for their harshness. 

Do you know that his refusal will benefit you? We may not understand who is in what situation. So don’t judge someone’s character and style by their current behavior. 

Try to understand the meaning.

So friends, before getting angry at anyone or making any negative opinion towards anyone, make sure to understand the reason behind it. 99% of the time, you’ll find a reason that will eliminate your chances of getting annoyed.

Three Stories Of Anger

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