01. I am Ravi. 

02. I am seven year old. 

03. I have two sisters and one brother. 

04. My sisters’ names are Raveena and Kareena. 

05. My brother’s name is Rahul. 

06. I and Rahul study in fifth class.

07. We play tennis in the evening on our lawn.

08. My father is a lawyer and my mother is a doctor. 

09. She is a doctor in a government hospital. 

10. I love my parents very much. 

11. I always obey them. 

12. Like my father I also want to be a lawyer. 

13. I am very punctual and disciplined. 

14. I study hard. 

15. I never waste my time. 

16. I also don’t waste my money on useless things. 

17. I am not jealous of anybody. 

18. I am a well behaved boy.

19. I am obedient to elders and my teachers. 

20. I never tell a lie. 

21. I always believe in speaking truth 

22. because I believe those who tell a lie never succeed in life. 

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23. On the other hand, 

24. Those who stand for truth always get success.



01. I live in Agra. 

02. I study in tenth class. 

03. I live with my family. 

04. We have a joint family. 

05. There are four members in our family.

07. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. 

08. My sister studies in eighth class.

09. Our forefathers were farmers. 

10. We have a big house in our ancestral village. 

11. Since my father is posted in the city, we have come here.

12. My father runs a small hospital at the bypass. 

13. Our family is very happy. 

14. My father looks after us very lovingly. 

15. He helps me in my homework. 

16. He also inspires me to play games and sports. 

17. My mother also takes care of us, besides teaching in a nearby school. 

18. She is also very dedicated towards her work and duty. 

19. Everybody loves her. 

20. My sister is also very intelligent. 

21. May god save my family from evil eyes!

My Family


01. I am Shashi. 

02. My mother is Ravina Devi. 

04. She is forty year old. 

05. She is a postgraduate.  

06. She is a teacher in a convent school. 

07. She loves me and my sister Minu. 

08. She respects my father. 

09. She never quarrels with him.

10. She is a good cook too. 

11. She prepares good food for us. 

12. She rises early in the morning. 

13. She takes bath. 

14. She prays to God. 

15. She prepares our breakfast. 

16. She prepares us for school. 

17. My mother loves and respects all the women. 

18. She is a religious and pious lady. 

19. All people respect my mother. 

20. When anybody comes to my mother she helps him. 

21. My mother loves children very much. 

22. She respects the elders. 

23. She obeys her husband and father-in-law very much. 

24. She washes our clothes and utensils. 

25. She keeps everything in order. 

26. She takes care of my father. 

27. She is a healthy and strong lady. 

28. She is really an ideal lady. 

29. I love my mother very much.

My Mother


01. My father is Mr. Rajesh. 

02. He is forty year old. 

03. He is an English writer. 

04. He is also a graduate. 

05. He wrote many books. 

06. He is a famous writer.

07. My father is a very simple man. 

08. He is a man of simple living and high thinking. 

09. We are his two sons Ram and Mukesh. 

10. He works hard and is very intelligent. 

11. He guides me in difficulty. 

12. He instructs me in my study. 

13. Sometimes he becomes strict with me. 

14. Sometimes he is friendly to us. 

15. He shares his joys and sorrows with us. 

16. He loves my mother very much. 

17. He respects my mother. 

18. He loves her a lot. 

19. He educates us in free time about manners. 

20. I learnt manners from my father. 

21. He is very kind and helpful. 

22. If there is any problem in the family he solves it with patience. 

23. Everyone likes my father. 

24. He wants me to be a doctor. 

25. I want to fulfill my father’s dreams. 

26. He is a God believing person. 

27. He is a very honest person. 

28. I love my father very much.

My Father


01. I am a student. 

02. There are many boys in my class but John is my best friend. 

03. He is my classmate. 

04. I like him most. 

05. He is very neat and smart. 

06. He is very punctual and regular. 

07. He is very hard working. 

08. John always stands first in the class. 

09. He completes his work in time.

10. He is the son of a doctor. 

11. He also wants to be a doctor.

12. When I am in need he helps me. 

13. He also loves me. 

14. He is the son of a rich person but he also loves the poors. 

15. He obeys his teachers. 

16. He never disregards them. 

17. Teachers also praise and love him. 

18. His manners are very good.

19. He rises early in the morning. 

20. He never wastes his time. 

21. He encourages and inspires me. 

22. In free time he plays tennis with me. 

23. In fact, my friend is God’s gift to me. 

24. I love him very much. 

25. May he live long! 

26. May god save his family from evil eyes!

My Best Friend


01. My home is in Agra. 

02. My father bought it in 1988. 

03. It is 60 feet in length and 50 feet in breadth. 

04. It has four rooms, one hall and one kitchen, one bathroom and one dining hall. 

05. In total, there are six members in my family.

06. My house has a boundary wall. 

07. It is five feet in height. 

08. We live in a calm environment. 

09. The whole family rises early in the morning. 

10. There is also a banana tree in our courtyard. 

11. On the wall of our house, the birds sit and chirp. 

12. We have plants of lemons and flowers in our lawn. 

13. My mother is a teacher. 

14. She maintains a small library. 

15. In the library we study in our spare time. 

16. In my family there is good understanding among family members. 

17. We have a parrot which speaks. 

18. In our courtyard there is a well and a jet pump. 

19. We have a compound in which there is a cow. 

20. We enjoy the milk of cows that makes us healthy. 

21. My grandfather and grandmother are also alive. 

22.My grandmother is 80 year old. 

23. She tells us a story of a king and queen. 

24. My grandfather is a retired teacher. 

25. Now he teaches the students in a room in my house. 

26. In free time, he also teaches us. 

27. Sometimes he also rebukes us for our wrong deeds. 

28. I respect him very much. 

29. My home is well polished and furnished. 

30. I like my home very much.

My Home


01. My Name is Ram. 

02. I am a class Vth student. 

03. I study at St. Peter’s School. 

04. It is situated at Malipura, Agra. 

05. It is 3 km. away from my home. 

06. I go to my school by school bus. 

07. The building is very beautiful. 

08. It has thirty rooms in it. 

09. My school is very old. 

10. It was built in 1850. 

11. It has a big library. 

12. The library has a large number of books on different topics. 

13. There is a big playground for children. 

14. The children play on the ground in intervals. 

15. It is a primary school up to V class. 

16. There is a big prayer hall. 

17. There is also a good canteen in it. 

18. The canteen has good facilities for food. 

19. We enjoy tea, snacks and cold-drinks in our free time.

20. There is also a swimming pool in my school. 

22. Teachers and children swim in the pool and enjoy it. 

23. We wear costumes for swimming. 

24. There is also a teacher to teach us swimming. 

25. We enjoy swimming in the summer.

26. There is also a music room in my school. 

27. During music-period, we go there and learn music. 

28. Our school building has a big auditorium in it. 

29. On festive occasions, cultural programmes are organized in the auditorium. 

30. In fact, my school is a model school. 

31. I find many good things in my school. 

32. It gives me joy and satisfaction when I think about my school.

33. I love my school. 

34. It is a really very good school. 

My School


01. My name is Rahul. 

02. I read in St. David School, Agra.

03. Mr. Kapoor is our Principal. 

04. He is very good and friendly.

05. He is the man of simple living. 06. He thinks high. 

07. His dress is very simple. 

08. He loves simplicity. 

09. He wears pants and a shirt.

10. Mr. Kapoor is very dutiful. 

11. He comes to school very early. 

12. He is a very disciplined person. 

13. He never talks too much but loves children very much. 

14. He never misses school. 

15. He is very regular. 

16. He does not teach tuition. 

17. He is very honest. 

18. He helps the students in crisis and solves their problems. 

19. But sometimes he is very strict. 

20. He is a very active person. 

21. He inspires us to be laborious. 

22. Infact, he is my role model. 

23. I respect and love him very much. 

24. Really, he is a person of manners.

My Principal


01. I am a class Vth student. 

02. My teacher is Dr. Taniya. 

03. She has been teaching us music for two years. 

04. Dr. Taniya is Tamil. 

05. She is the lady of simple living and high thinking. 

06. She is very punctual and disciplined. 

07. She comes daily and teaches us. 

08. She never misses the class. 

09. She is 42 years old. 

10. She wears Shalwar and Kameez. 

11. She always keeps a purse with herself.

12. She is very good at Music. 

13. She also sings well. 

14. On independence and Republic Day, she sings our national song in a very good voice. 

15. She is a married woman. 

16. Her manners are very polite. 

17. She does not get irritated with children. 

18. She encourages us. 

19. She is the source of inspiration to us. 

20. She always helps the weak students. 

21. Everybody from teacher to student likes her. 

22. Whatever I am today is only because of her. 

23. I am highly grateful to her for educating me.

My Class Teacher

MY AIM-10 

01. Everybody has an aim in his life. 

02. God has created everybody for some purpose. 

03. If you don’t have aim you don’t have enjoyment. 

04. For progress, Aim is necessary. 

05. Everybody should decide his or her aim in his early life. 

06. I also have an aim in my mind. 

07. I want to be a doctor. 

08. Doctor’s profession is very noble. 

09. I want to serve the poor and weak. 

10. So I want to become a doctor. 

11. I am now a class VIIth student. 

12. But I have decided my aim in Vth class. 

13. My father is also a doctor. 

14. He treats the patients and serves them in an honest manner.

15. One day I saw a cancer patient. 

16. He came to my father. 

17. He was in bad condition. 

18. After some time he died of cancer. 

19. He had no money for his treatment. 

20. That moment I decided to become a doctor. 

21. I also swore to help the poors. 22. It is my intention to be a doctor for service and not for money. 

23. Money is a secondary priority for me. 

24. It is said that doctors save lives. 

25. He becomes the angel of God when he treats the patient. 

26. My father also wants me to be a doctor. 

27. He blesses me.

28. But any aim is not easily achieved. 

29. For that, you need to work hard. 

30. There is no alternative to hard work. 

31. I read for six hours after school. 

32. I complete my homework in time. 

33. I never give my teachers a chance to complain. 

34. My records have been very good since the beginning. 

35. When I am in trouble, I do not get disappointed. 

36. My parents always inspire me to do great. 

37. Their inspiration works for me. 

38. Now I have become more determined. 

39. It is rightly said “God helps those who help themselves”. 

40. I know that hard work is the key to success. 

41. As we sow so shall we reap.

42. I believe don’t postpone for tomorrow what you can do today.

My Aim
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