01. A dog is a very faithful animal. 

02. It is loyal to his master. 

03. People believe in it. 

04. They keep it in their houses. 

05. It keeps watch all night. 

06. It is a watchful animal.

07. A dog does a lot of work. 

08. It keeps watch at our houses. 

09. It is used as a sniffer during an accident. 

10. Police take help of dogs during accidents and in hunting criminals.

11. A dog generally sleeps during the day. 

12. But at night it keeps a watch at his master house. 

13. It becomes awake at a slight noise. 

14. It barks at strangers. 

15. It loves its master. 

16. It remains faithful to its master. 

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17. It wags its tail to show its love for its master. 

18. A dog also works as a messenger and spy. 

19. There are many varieties of dogs. 

20. Some dogs are shaggy. 

21. Some dogs have big ears. 

22. Some dogs are big in size. 23. There is a famous proverb about dogs, 

24. “Barking dogs seldom bite”. 

25. Dogs are very useful animals. 

26. We must take care of it.

The Dog


01. Horse is a domestic animal. 

02. It has four legs. 

03. It is generally beautiful. 

04. It is used for riding. 

05. We also use it for pulling a tonga. 

06. People also keep it for amusement. 

07. Its height is about six feet. 

08. It is a strong animal. 

09. It has a royal touch with it. 

10. Horses are also known as proud animals. 

11. It always keeps its face high in pride.

12. Horses are of many colours. 

13. It is a loyal animal. 

14. It loves its master. 

15. It lives on green grass. 

16. In the past, kings used it in battles. 

17. On mountains, it is used to reach high areas.

18. A horse also swims in water. 

19. Today also, the police use it for crossing rivers. 

20. A horse is a strong animal. 

21. It is also good for racing. 

22. Some people are fond of horse races.

The Horse


01. The Parrot is a very popular bird. 

02. It is a pet bird. 

03. People keep it as a pet bird in their houses. 

04. Parrots speak what they are taught. 

05. Its voice is sweet. 

06. Its eyes are very small but very attractive. 

07. It has a red beak. 

08. Its claws are sharp.

09. Generally parrots live in hollow trunks of trees. 

10. It lays eggs. 

11. From eggs small parrots come out. 

12. Parrot is famous for remembering anything temporarily. 

13. It can keep names, words in its memory and can speak them like man.

14. Parrots eat pulse and green chilies. 

15. Green Chills is its favorite food.

16. Parrots are not faithful birds. 

17. Parrot is known for two things- first for remembering anything and second for lack of faith. 

18. It does not love its master. 

19. It is never loyal to its master. 

20. Still people like it. 

21. It is a very beautiful bird. 

22. We enjoy its company.

The Parrot


01. The lion is a brave animal. 

02. It is the king of forest. 

03. It is the king of all animals. 

04. The lion is the strongest animal in the jungle. 

05. People hunt it because of its beauty. 

06. Hunters use its skin for commercial purposes. 

07. It is a bad habit. 

08. We must stop it. 

09. We must preserve it. 

10. All animals fear it. 

11. The lion can run very fast. 

12. Its paws are very strong. 

13. Its jaws are also very strong. 

14. When it sees any living being it pounces upon it. 

15. It tears its prey. 

16. Then it eats it. 

17. It never eats dead bodies or stale flesh. 

18. It is totally a non-vegetarian animal. 

19. The lion is grand in look and size. 

20. It has long hairs on its body. 

21. Its hair is of brown colour. 

22. A lion is a brave and fearless animal. 

23. Nobody can match its strength. 

24. The lion sleeps very much. 

25. Really, it has some good qualities. 

26. We should also have those qualities. 

The Lion


01. Elephants are the biggest land animals. 

02. It is a wild animal. 

03. It is huge in size. 

04. Its colour is grey. 

05. Sometimes it looks like a small hill.

06. Elephants have four legs. 

07. Its legs are like pillars. 

08. It has two big ears which look like big leaves. 

09. But its eyes are very small. 

10. It has a short tail. 

11. But it has a long trunk. 

12. Its trunk can pick up even a small needle. 

13. The elephant has long white turks. 

14. It is the strongest animal on land. 

15. It is the national animal of many countries. 

16. There are many varieties of elephants. 

17. White elephant is very famous.

18. The food of elephants is twigs and fruits. 

19. Elephants also eat bananas. 20. Elephants do not eat meat. 

21. It is vegetarian. 

22. It is very useful for our works and needs. 

23. In the past, kings used elephants in the battle. 

24. Elephant lifts logs. 

25. In the circus elephants are also used. 

26. It enjoys us in the circus. 

27. Its size creates interest.

The Elephant


01. Hobby is necessary for amusement. 

02. It removes boredom. 

03. It refreshes our mood. 

04. A hobby is for leisure time. 

05. Everybody has some hobbies. 

06. Some like to watch movies. 

07. Some like collections of poems.

08. My hobby is reading. 

09. I like to read about great people and great things. 

10. When I read about Mahatma Gandhi, 

11. It inspires me for simplicity. 

12. I like Nehru’s love for children. 

13. Indira Gandhi’s firmness teaches me determination. 

14. Shivaji’s human outlook teaches me humanity. 

15. When I read about these great people I become in their company. 

16. I spend a lot of time reading books. 

17. I have a collection of good books. 

18. I also like to read about great things. 

19. I read about the Taj Mahal and how it was built. 

20. When I read about India’s culture, it gives me pride. 

21. I belong to a country of such a rich culture.

22. Books make us good men. 

23. Every week I buy a new book on a good topic and read it. 

24. Like other people who generally spend their money on food and clothes, 

25. I spend it on books. 

26. I feel an internal satisfaction that 

27. I’m spending my money on good things. 

28. Everybody should cultivate the habit of reading. 

29. I enjoy my hobby.

30. I have fixed my time for reading. 

31. First of all, in the morning I read a newspaper which updates me on the current affairs of the world. 

32. Then I read some inspiring story books. 

33. I am a regular reader of Buddha’s Jatak Katha. 

34. Another story book which I read with interest is Panchtantra. 

35. After lunch, I read inventions and developments in the field of science. 

36. At bedtime, I read about great personalities like Patel, Vivekanand and Gandhi etc.

My Hobby


01. Science is the good servant of man. 

02. Today’s age is the age of science. 

03. Science has changed our life. 

04. It has brought comfort to our life. 

05. Science has given us a number of things.

06. In winter, we use a heater. 

07. This is the gift of science. 

08. In summer we use a fan and air-conditioner, refrigerator and cooler. 

09. These are gifts of science. 

10. In winter, we use a heater which gives us warmth.

11. Today, we have trains, buses and aeroplanes. 

12. They have made our travel easy.

13. In the field of health, science has given us a lot of medicines. 

14. Now there are medicines which can cure deadly diseases like cancer, TB, leprosy and hepatitis etc.

15. In communication Science has given us TV, Radio, Computer which has made the world a global village. 

16. It has made our life more beautiful. 

17. Robots are another invention. 

18. Mobile is the revolutionary invention of science. 

19. Computers can do many jobs.

20. The use of computers in every scope of life has brought about a digital revolution. 

21. The Internet is also a good invention. 

22. It makes a link between us and the outside world. 

23. It has multi purpose use. 

24.It is a medium of interaction. 

25. It is a huge treasure of knowledge and information. 

26. Today, everything has become technical. 

27. In the office, Home, Road and Way we see the miracles of science.

28. Science is also a bad master. 

29. It has created atom bombs. 

30. Twice in the past, atom bombs have been used. 

31. This brought sufferings to mankind. 

32. The danger of the atom bomb is still there. 

33. We must do something to stop it. 

34. We must use this atomic energy for the benefits of mankind. 

35. Then science will be a good master. 

36. It is in our hands to make good use of science.

Blessings of Science


01. Television is a very good source of recreation. 

02. It also gives us knowledge. 

03. Generally in every household, there is a television. 

04. Most people spend their leisure time on TV sets. 

05. TV is good but TV is also bad. 

06. Television programmes are telecast round the clock. 

07. There are a number of channels. 

08. You can choose any channel. 

09. It depends upon you.

10. You may watch Discovery.

11. It gives us knowledge. 

12. You may watch a movie channel which enjoys you. 

13. A student should watch channels which give him knowledge. 

14. We should avoid channels which pollute our mind.

15. Television is good for the purpose of education. 

16. It has become very popular. 

17. The people can’t live without TV. 

18. From news to interviews, all give us knowledge. 

19. From movies to serials all have become a part of our life. 

20. We get news from the whole world through TV. 

21. It is an instrument. 

Now it depends upon us how to use

22. it- rightly or wrongly. 

23. For one or two hour watching television refreshes us. 

24. But we must not watch it at the cost of our study. 

25. Some channels also show something which is not good for the society. 

26. We must avoid them. 

27. Only news and knowledgeable programmes should be watched.

28. Because new and knowledgeable programmes help us in our study. 

29. They sharpen our intelligence and develop understanding in us. 

30. Besides, Good movies on science and history should also be watched. 

31. Channels like National Geographic channels, Discovery  

32. Channel and History Channel are very good for knowledge and new information.



01. Cricket is the most popular game in india. 

02. People like it. 

03. I also like it very much. 

04. Millions of people watch it on TV. 

05. Once I went to see a cricket match at the playground. 

06. It was India Vs England. 

07. A lot of Cricket fans went there to watch this event.

08. The match began in pleasant weather at 10 A.M.  

09. The game went on smoothly. 

10. It became more interesting after lunch. 

11. The English captain was a hard hitter. 

12. He hit five fours and seven sixes in three overs. 

13. He made 125 runs. 

14. It was really a funny experience for me. 

15. At last, India won the match.

16. I also play cricket. 

17. I’m good at playing cricket. 

18. I also want to be a good cricketer. 

19. My ideal in cricket is Sachin Tendulkar. 

20. He is really a good cricketer. 

21. I like him very much.

Cricket Match


01. Last Friday, my school football team played a match with the Missionary School. 

02. The match began early in the morning. 

03. At first the game was slow. 

04. But soon it became fast. 

05. The team of Missionary School was putting challenges to our school team. 

06. But our school team was also pressing hard.

07. Soon it was a half time. 

08. Both teams had light refreshments. 

09. After a few minutes the game started again. 

10. In the second half both teams put up a very good show. 

11. There were some kicks and counter kicks.

12. There were 15 minutes left. 

13. Ultimately our team won the match. 

14. We shouted with joy. 

15. Hurrah! Well played! 

16. We won the match by one goal. 

17. In fact it was a day of pride for our school.

Football Match
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