01. India is the land of festivals. 

02. Diwali is an important festival of india. 

03. It is celebrated in the month of October or sometimes in November. 

04. Ram came back to Ayodhya. 

05. He lived in exile for fourteen years. 

06. When Ravan kidnapped Sita he fought against Ravana. 

07. He defeated the evil Ravan and liberated Sita from his control. 

08. When he came back to Ayodhya, people lit lamps. 

09. The people were very happy on his return. 

10. The people do not sleep for the whole night on this day.

11. When Diwali comes people clean their houses and shops. 

12. On this day people worship Laxmi and Ganesh. 

13. We enjoy sweets on this day.

14. It is a good occasion. 

15. Some people gamble. 

16. It is a bad habit. 

17. It should be avoided. 

18. Diwali is a holy festival. 

19. We must not do anything wrong on this day. 

20. On this occasion we wish our friends and relatives. 

21. We express love to all. 

22. It is the festival of love.

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01. We live in the country of festivals. 

02. Holy is one of the important festivals of India. 

03. It is a festival of colour. 

04. Holi marks the beginning of the new season. 

05. Then after Holi, farmers reap their harvest. 

06. It is celebrated in the month of Faghun.

07. In the entire country, Holi is celebrated. 

08. Before main holi, small holi is also celebrated. 

09. We call it holika dahan. 

10. On the day of Holi, people celebrate it by throwing colours and gulal on one another. 

11. People forget their differences on this occasion. 

12. They dance and sing together. 

13. They embrace one another. 

14. People also joke. 

15. They enjoy music and sweets. 

16. There is also noise on this day. 

17. Till noon people become peaceful. 

18. In fact, Holi teaches us to live in love. 

19. We should love one another. 

20. This is the message of Holi.



01. Christmas is the holy festival. 

02. It is an important festival of Christians. 

03. It is celebrated on December 25. 

04. Christ was born on this day. 

05. Christ is the founder of Christianity. 

06. He was born in Bethlehem. 

07. He established a relationship between man and God. 

08. For truth he was crucified. 

09. He helped people and suffered for humanity.

10. On Christmas, shops and houses are decorated. 

11. They are whitewashed. 

12. Everybody puts a Christmas tree in his courtyard. 

13. Candles are lit on this day. 

14. There are special prayers in the Churches. 

15. People visit one another’s house. 

16. They share cakes and wine. 

17. We send Christmas cards to friends and relatives. 

18. Sweets are exchanged.  

19. The children are very happy on this day. 

20. Everybody remains happy on this day. 

21. Jesus took the sins of humanity on himself. 

22. Christmas is a festival of pomp and show. 

23. It is celebrated with gaiety and joy.



01. Eid is an important festival of Muslim community. 

02. It is celebrated after the month of fasting (Ramzan). 

03. People celebrated EID after the appearance of the moon. 

04. Eid is celebrated with fervour and gaiety all over the world.

05. People on EID wear new clothes. 

06. They eat sawaiyan and go to the mosque for prayer. 

07. After prayer they hug and wish one another. 

08.Children buy toys and balloons. 

09. People buy sweets. 

10. They visit their relatives. 

11. All differences are forgotten on this day. 

12. Sweets are exchanged. 

13. Mangoda and Biryani (Rice dish) are also enjoyed. 

14. Elders give Idi to children. 

15. Hindus also visit their Muslims friends. 

16. They share sawaiyan with them. 

17. There are fairs on Idgah. 

18. EID is a festival of happiness and love. 

19. It teaches us humanity. 

20. We should love one another and live in harmony.



01. Children’s day is celebrated on November 14 every year. 

02. On 14th November, our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was born. 

03. He loved children. 

04. That is why November 14 is celebrated in his memory.

05. Pt. Nehru was the architect of modern India. 

06. He was also a writer. 

07. He wrote three books. 

08. ‘Discovery of India’ is his famous book. 

09. He was also a freedom fighter. 

10. He was a good friend of Mahatma Gandhi. 

11. Children called him Chacha Nehru. 

12. He fulfilled the wishes of children. 

13. On Children’s Day, Meetings are held and cultural programmes are arranged. 

14. Games and sports are organized. 

15. In schools, good children are honoured and given awards.

16. Children are the future of the country. 

17. We should take care of them. 

18. Childhood must be protected. 

19. We should love children. 

20. This is the message of Children’s Day.

Children’s Day


01. Dussehra is a very important festival of Hindus. 

02. It is celebrated before Diwali. 

03. It is celebrated in the month of October. 

04. It is celebrated in memory of Rama’s victory over Ravana. 

05. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

06. Dussehra is celebrated for ten days. 

07. On Dussehra, Ravan’s effigy is burnt. 

08. On this day there is great commotion. 

09. Houses and shops are decorated, 

10. Sweets are bought and exchanged. 

11. People wear new clothes. 

12. They go to Ramlila to witness the big event of the Ram-Ravan fight. 

13. People wake up and do not sleep at night. 

14. There is a lesson from this event. 

15. It teaches us to be honest and truthful. 

16. At the end evil is defeated. 

17. Truth wins. 

18. It teaches us to sacrifice. 

19. Ram was a sacrificing person. 

20. He sacrificed much for humanity. 

21. Wives should obey their husband. 

22. Children should obey their father. 

23. We should not compromise on truth. 

24. That is the message of Dussehra.



01. Rameez is our school peon. 

02. He is twenty years old. 

03. His height is medium. 

04. He is healthy and active. 

05. He is a married person. 

06. He lives in a room with his wife in school premises. 

07. He is from Kanpur. 

08. He has been serving the school for seven years.

09. Rameez puts on a soil colour uniform. 

10. His shoes are black. 

11. He always keeps himself neat and clean. 

12. Rameez is very dutiful. 

13. He never misses school. 

14. He comes to the school daily. 

15. First he cleans the floor and classroom with a broom. 

16. He cleans the dust with a piece of cloth. 

17. He fills water pitchers for children. 

18. But his most important duty is to ring the bell in time. 

19. He rings the bell for prayer, interval and leave. 

20. He is very obedient. 

21. He is always friendly to children.

22. He always tries to know about children’s problems and solves them. 

23. We also have good thoughts about him. 

24. He is very useful but his pay is very small. 

25. He lives a poor life. 

26. When he is on leave we miss him. 

27. He respects all the teachers.

My School Peon


01. Education is necessary for all.

02. Education makes a good man. 

03. It teaches us to live life. 

04. For education, school is necessary. 

05. I also go to school. 

06. I study at Holy Public School.

07. I am a class VI student. 

08. This is my first year in school. 

09. I took admission on the first of July 2006. 

10. When I attended my class on the first day I was very cheerful. 

11. Everybody in the class was looking at me. 

12. The class teacher introduced me to the class. 

13. I stood and introduced myself. 

14. My name is Rajeev. 

15. I passed class V from St. Abu School. 

16. My father is a doctor and my mother is a housewife. 

17. Earlier I attended a prayer in the Assembly hall. 

18. It was a very good experience for me. 

19. I saw the principal who was standing on the platform. 

20. He said to us after prayers “Grow like a tree”. 

21. Those words touched my heart and mind.

22. In my class there were six periods. 

23. After the third period, there was an interval. 

24. In the interval I came out of the class. 

25. I saw and played in the ground and ate samosa in the canteen.

26. I also went to the library. 

27. First I contacted the librarian. 

28. I took some books from the library, sat there and read them. 

29. I also read newspapers. 

30. I enjoyed myself in the library. 

31. Then the bell rang. 

30. I left the library and went into the class.

31. After leave, all new students went into the assembly hall. 

32. The principal wished us. 

33. It was a function for new students. 

34. I came back to my home happy and cheerful.

My First Day at School


01. I am Rahul. 

02. I am a student of class V. 

03. I study at Ujjain Public School. 

04. My classroom is in room number five. 

05. It is about thirty feet long and twenty feet wide.

06. In my classroom there are forty students. 

07. There is a lot of space in the class. 

08. It has four windows-two on the right wall and two on the left wall. 

09. Desk and chair are connected. 

10. One student occupies one chair and one desk.

11. On festive occasions, we decorate our class with festoons. 

12. We organize dance and singing programmes there. 

13. Our class is big enough to organize such programmes.

14. There are two doors in my classroom. 

15. There are three windows in my classroom. 

16. One Almirah was kept in the right corner. 

17. The room is white washed. 

18. The floor is made of marble. 

19. Ceiling fans are also there in my classroom. 

20. There is black board fixed on the wall. 

21. There are also two electric rods in my classroom. 

22. My class is very neat and clean. 

23. The peon cleans it daily.

24. There is a dustbin in the classroom. 

25. We put rubbish in it. 

26. The teacher speaks loudly. 

27. He stands opposite to us. 

28. There is a chair for him to sit on. 

29. In fact I like my classroom.

30. The walls are properly white- washed. 

31. The classroom is properly airy. 

32. In fact, my classroom is very good. 

33. I like it and enjoy sitting in it.

34. In fact, for me, my classroom is a temple of knowledge 

35. because here I learn truth and the art of life.


01. Library is necessary for students. 

02. It is in every school. 

03. My school has a good library, teachers and students use the library. 

04. In the library there are many books. 

05. There are also newspapers in the library for teachers and students. 

06. In intervals we go to the library to read magazines and newspapers. 

07. We don’t waste our free time. 

08. The incharge of our library is Mr. Sharma. 

09. He is friendly to us. 

10. When we demand some books from him, he gives us. 

11. We read it. 

12. After the interval we return it.

13. Our library has one thousand books. 

14. Some books are on different subjects. 

15. Other books are general. 

16. But, most of the books in our library are on the lives of great persons such as Einstein, Gandhiji, Milton and Mother Teresa. 

17. We have library cards. 

18. We use it to borrow books. 

19. The books can be issued for seven days. 

20. We can take and read them at home. 

21. Only two books are issued at one time. 

22. When I sit in the library, I feel peace of mind. 

23. I get lost in the books. 

24. Books on great persons inspire me very much. 

25. Books become my best friends in the library. 

26. I use my library to the best of my capability. 

27. I take many books from the library at home. 

28. I am a regular user of the library. 

29. I don’t miss the opportunity. 

30. I make my time useful. 

31. Teachers also spend their free time in the library. 

32. They also read newspapers and magazines. 

33. They guide us in the selection of books. 

34. We thank them for it.

35. Our library is a good place for learning. 

36. It is a big treasure of books. 

37. In fact, when I am in the library 

38. I feel myself in the company of great people.

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