01. In everybody’s life a day comes 

02. which brings greatest happiness. 

03. It may be a marriage occasion or a party or festival such as Diwali, Eid or Republic Day.

04. The Happiest Day of my life was when I went to India Gate to witness the Republic Day Parade. 

05. It was the happiest day of my life. 

06. First I saw the President of India who came in a car. 

07. Then the Vice-President came. 

08. Both sat on a platform next to each other. 

09. Then I saw the march past of infantry, navy and air force. 

10. The president saluted the march past. 

11. All this was a new experience for me. 

12. I was enjoying it very much. 

13. After the parade cultural programmes began. 

14. The glimpse of cultures of different states have shown.

15. First it was the jhanki of U.P. on a truck. 

16. The truck was decorated. 

17. When I saw all this I was lost in it. 

18. After some minutes the Airforce had its show. 

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19. Three planes flew one after another. 

20. Then balloons were released in the air. 

21. I saw school children who took part in the march past. 

22. N.C.C. boys were also there. 

23. Then I saw a moving cart on which some folk women were dancing. 

24. Then came the jhankis of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Assam. 

25. While I was watching all this, I was also enjoying ice-cream. 

26. The sun came overhead. 

27. But still the weather was pleasant. 

28. The cool breeze was blowing. 

29. Then came the cavalcade procession of navy tanks. 

30. It was totally a new experience to see navy tanks. 

31. On one of the tanks, a Prithvi missile was kept. 

32. My father told me that Prithvi is a medium range missile of India. 

33. It was developed by Dr. A.P.J. Kalam. 

34. The long march past performed by infantry was a pleasant scene to me. 

35. In the end, school children paraded. 

36. They were dressed in blue uniforms. 

37. They were singing the song “Sare Jahan Se Achchha.” 

38. The Parade came to end at 11 a.m. 

39. In the past I never saw all these. 

40. It was the most memorable day of my life. 

41. I cannot forget it.


01. I am a student of Holy Public School. 

02. In my school many events take place throughout the year. 

03. But the annual school function is the greatest event of our school. 

04. Our school celebrates it with pomp and show. 

05. It comes once a year. 

06. So we take it seriously. 

07. All students await it. 

08. The teachers and staff also eagerly await it. 

09. It normally takes place in November. 

10. On this day prizes are distributed. 

11. Good students are honoured. 

12. It is special. 

13. First class students are also honoured. 

14. The principal of my school is Mr. Mohanlal Agarwal. 

15. He is a learned and dedicated person. 

16. He distributes the prizes on this occasion. 

17. There are sports and games events on this occasion. 

18. Cultural programmes are also organized. 

19. I often participate in major sports events. 

20. I also take part in cultural programmes. 

21. This year on annual function day, the chief guest was our M.P. Dubey ji. 

22. He visited our school. 

23. He delivered a speech which inspired us very much. 

24. The principal opened the function by cutting a ribbon. 

25. One side the children were sitting along with their parents. 

26. They watched all the events. 

27. Important persons were sitting on the dias. 

28. Till evening the function lasted. 

29. I was very happy on that day.

30. The function started at 10 a.m. 

31. First Gayatri Mantra was enchanted. 

32. After that, a group of girl students sang a song on patriotism. 

33. Many games were also organised in the ground. 

34. First wrestling match took place. 

35. Then rassakashi (tug of war) was organised. 

36. A short play on terrorism was also organised. 

37. I also took part in this play. 

38. Different cultural programmes showing Indian culture were also organised. 

39. Every class thanked all the guests.

40. In the end, the principal thanked all the guests and delivered a speech. 

41. He expressed the satisfaction of our successful organisation of the function. 

42. The function came to an end with the singing of the National Anthem. ‘Jan-Gan-Man’.


01. Morning walk is very good for health. 

02. It gives a chance to breathe fresh air in the morning. 

03. It also disciplines us. 

04. I go to the park daily in the morning. 

05. I have a morning walk there. 

06. I experience the benefits of morning walk. 

07. After a morning walk I feel energy in me. 

07. I feel more active till evening. 

08. I do all my work with energy fresheners.

09. When I go to school and sit in the class I understand things in a better way. 

10. Walking was a hobby for me but now it has become my need. 

11. I rise early in the morning. 

12. I go to the park for jogging. 

13. My friend Raj who lives next to my house also joins me. 

14. We move towards the park talking when we have walked in the morning. 

15. We also enjoy the gifts of nature. 

16. We enjoy the beauty of flowers. 

17. We also see sunrise. 

18. It is a rare sight. 

19. Everybody should have a morning walk. 

20. It is a must for good health.


01. Every independent country has its national flag. 

02. India is also independent. 

03. It also has its national flag. 

04. Our national flag is tri-coloured. 

05. It has three stripes: Saffron, White and Green. 

06. Our national flag inspires us to be patriotic. 

07. It teaches us to love the motherland.

08. In the centre Ashok Chakra, Saffron is symbol for sacrifice (tyag), white for peace (shanti) and green for production (utpatti). 

09. The Ashoka chakra in the middle shows righteousness. 

10. Our national flag gives the message of truth, sacrifice and unity. 

11. It is the symbol of our honour. 

12. It teaches us Do or Die for the country. 

13. The tricolour  flag was first hoisted in 1930.

14. Our PM hoists it on Independence Day on the Red Fort. 

15. The president hoists it on Republic Day on the Red Fort. 

16. It is the soul of India. 

17. It is very dear to us. 

18. We respect it. 

19. I salute my national flag. 

29. I pray ‘Jhanda Ooncha Rahay Hamara’ (O God, keep our flag always high).

EDUCATION & Schooling-45 

01. Education means training of the mind. 

02. For the development of man and society education is a must. 

03. The developments we see around us is because of education. 

04. Education is necessary for all. 

05. Education develops man. 

06. We can be good citizens only by education. 

07. Animals don’t have education. 

08. So they remain animals. 

09. We get education. 

10. So we are called human.

11. We get education through books. 

12. We get education by going to schools. 

13. We also get good education when we have good company. 

14. The company of good people teaches us more than books. 

15. It gives us light. 

16. It is also a medium of education.

17. Education is like a lamp. 

18. It removes darkness from our life. 

19. It gives us sense. 

20. It gives us the power to think. 

21. Education teaches how to behave in society. 

22. It guides us in difficulties. 

23. We can better think if we are educated. 

24. An educated person always gives a good impression. 

25. We contribute to society if we are literate. 

26. So we must give importance to education.

27. Women education should be given top priority. 

28. Because, if a mother or a woman is educated, the entire family would be educated. 

29. But it is a sad fact that most people do not send girls to schools. 

30. Majority of the children below 14 years of age are out of school. 

31. For just two meals they do risky jobs. 

32. How can a nation like India progress when her children who are her future are not taken care of. 


01. Science has given us many gifts. 

02. Computer is very important gift of science. 

03. The first computer was made in 1946 in the U.S.A. 

04. It was known as ENIAC. 

05. This computer was different from today’s computer.

06. Computer is a great invention of science. 

07. It has made our life comfortable and easy. 

08. In every field of life it works. 

09. It is a multi-purpose machine. 

10. It calculates. 

11. It is a design maker. 

12. It is a type-writer. 

13. It is a singer. 

14. It is an entertainer. 

15. We can say it does a number of works. 

16. It can feed huge data within its memory. 

17. Computers are found in every size. 

18. There are big and small programmes in the computers. 

19. Software instructs the computer machine. 

20. Hardware is the part of the computer.

21. There are two types of computer- digital and analog. 

22. The digital computer counts. 

23. The third type of computer is hybrid.

24. Today, computer has become our need. 

25. We can’t live without it. 

26. In the bank, office and classroom computer is very important. 

27. Life cannot move without a computer. 

28. Every child and student must learn how to use a computer. 

29. In today’s age, computer learning is a must. 

30. It is hoped that in future most of the works will be done by computer. 

31. Man will just be an operator. 

32. Because of computer’s use in every field, today’s age has come to be known as the digital age. 

33. E-governance, E-commerce and E-mail are the products of computers. 

34. By linking the computers the world over the internet was created. 

35. The Internet was a revolution for mankind. 

36. Now computer has become another term for speed and modernity.


01. I am a student of IV standard. 

02. There are 50 students in my class. 

03. Mohan is my class monitor. 

04. He is a very intelligent and patient boy. 

05. He is good at sports. 

06. He looks after the class when the teacher is away. 

07. He is very obedient. 

08. He controls the class very well. 

09. He dresses neatly. 

10. His books are tidy. 

11. His handwriting is also very beautiful. 

12. He is very polite and kind. 

13. He keeps himself busy. 

14. His manners are very good. 

15. He never misses the class. 

16. He is always regular. 

17. This year the principal gave him the best monitor award. 

18. He is helpful to his classmates. 

19. But sometimes he is also very strict in matters of discipline. 

20. I like him very much.

21. I also want to follow him in studies. 

22. I want to adopt his manners and style. 

23. The sincerity of work which I find in him attracts me. 

24. Like him, I also want to be the monitor of my class.


01. The cow is a domestic animal. 

02. Hindus call it Gau Mata. 

03. They worship her. 

04 We can see cows anywhere.

05. A cow has four legs. 

06. They differ in shape, size and colour. 

07. Generally cows are white in colour. 

08. She looks very gentle by appearance.

09. A cow eats green grass. 

10. She gives us milk. 

11. We make many things from milk. 

12. We get curd, butter and cheese from her milk. 

13. Sweets are made of khoya and ghee. 

14. Cow’s milk is a perfect food for human beings. 

15. It is good for newborn babies. 

16. Its milk makes us strong. 

17. It is useful for the brain also.

18. The dung of a cow is useful for fuel. 

19. Cow is our wealth. 

20. We must not hurt it. 

21. We should love and take care of it. 

22. We must protect it. 

23. Cow is a multipurpose animal. 

24. Its hide is used to make shoes. 

25. Cow eats little but it gives a lot of milk.


01. Manners are necessary for any person. 

02. Manners are learnt. 

03. Animals are animals because they don’t have manners. 

04. We are human because we have manners. 

05. Good habits and manners show personality. 

06. By good manners, we know the nature of the person. 

07. Good manners make the image of the person in mind. 

08. Good manners make a person perfect and good. 

09. Everybody loves good manners.

10. We cultivate good manners in ourselves. 

11. We take good manners from our family. 

12. We also learn good habits and manners from our parents.

13. Parents teach us many things. 

14. We should be humble. 

15. We should be kind. 

16. We should talk politely. 

17. We should behave gently. 

18. Always use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ in your talks. 

19. It boosts our image in other people’s minds. 

20. Our good behaviour depends upon our good manners. 

21. Society becomes good by the manners of its members. 

22. Good manners spread love. 

23. They bring respect to us.

24. It is rightly said that manners are the building blocks of our character. 

25. Character is ultimately responsible for our success. 

26. Our success depends upon character and our character is made up of manners. 

27. So ultimately, these are our manners which build our image in the society and bring success to us.


01. Pollution is a big problem in today’s world. 

02. Pollution is of three types viz Water pollution, Air pollution and Sound pollution. 

03. The pollution is created by man. 

04. We pollute water, air and soil by our acts. 

05. We put dirty things and waste into our rivers. 

06. The heavy smoke which the chimneys of factories emit also causes air pollution. 

07. The noise pollution is caused  by the noise which the vehicle and generator create. 

08. There is also another type of pollution- soil pollution. 

09. It is created when we mix polythene and other chemicals in the soil. 

10. That makes the quality of soil bad. 

11. If we want to stop pollution we must learn discipline. 

12. Population should be controlled. 

13. Rules should be applied to factories and industries. 

14. The trees must not be cut down. 

15. Rather they must be planted more. 

16. That is the only solution to the pollution problem.

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